Ankara-Sivas high-speed train line will meet Ankara and Kirikkale

Ankara-Sivas high-speed train line will bring Ankara and Kırıkkale to each other: Due to the ease of transportation every year closer to each other, Sivas high-speed train with high comfort in the city center, such as the 15-20 within minutes can be traveled between Ankara-Kırıkkale Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Kirikkale Green Valley Project will bring together the two provincial people in the capital, which is growing rapidly in the recent years away from the stress of daily life and those who want to spend time in the nature of the neighboring province of Kirikkale is an alternative place.

The Green Valley Project, which Kirikkaleliler people have been waiting for 20 yearly, will meet with the nature-lovers Ankara and Kırıkkaleliler with the support of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. both Ankara and Kırıkkaleli reported that they will create an environment where they will have fun with the nature. Gokcek stated that he accepted to implement it as a recreation area and that the first stage of the project, which is 30 thousand square meters, started the activities of the Department of Environmental Protection.

Melih Gökçek recalled that the plans of 1 / 5.000 and 1 / 1.000 of the first stage were prepared by the Department of Construction and Urbanization and said: ın The project was approved by the Kırıkkale Provincial Assembly and Irmak City Council in August and entered into force. Our project is ready for the first phase of the project extending from Irmak station to Hasandede. Kırıkkale Municipality and Kırıkkale Governorship also carry out other studies. This will be an area where both Ankara and Kırıkkaleliler will rest.

In the middle of next year, this will be a place like Mogan Park. The Green Valley Project, on which it stands, is full of reinforcement areas such as picnic areas, entertainment centers, cafes and restaurants. City will be the stopover point for those who want to ğı breathe k away from the stress of the city. The distance between the two provinces, which are now possible to be folded in a minute thanks to the Elmadağ ramps, will be reduced to 2010-40 minutes after the Ankara-Sivas high-speed train project is completed.

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