25.Yıl certificate ceremony at the graduation of the railway school (Photo Gallery)

Railway Vocational School 25th Anniversary Certificate Ceremony: The “1988th Anniversary Graduation” certificate ceremony of our Graduates in 25 was held on Saturday, September 21, 2013 in TCDD 2nd Region Social Facilities Ankara Gar Kule Restaurant “Behiç Erkin Multipurpose Meeting Hall”.

1 October is the anniversary of the first opening of our school. Graduates of the year were decided to celebrate with the participation of 2002 25 October 4 in Ankara Demirspor Local 2002 celebration program for graduates was organized and traditional.

12 as a student of TCDD Vocational High School and the graduates of 1988 who were graduates of 25 in their years, were crowned with the certificates they received at the Meslek XNUMX. Year of Graduation inden ceremony organized by our Association Headquarters.

21 2013 50 1988 XNUMX XNUMX graduated from Ankara Gar Kule Restaurant UM Behiç Erkin Multi-Purpose Meeting Room X met in Ankara.

After the silence and the national anthem, the President of the Honorary Board Mr. Şevket MUNGAN and the President of the DESİYAD and our nephew of the 1965 Year, Mr. Naci BAŞAT made a speech on the unity and togetherness of the graduates of the Demiryol Vocational School.

Alpaslan TAYLAN, President of the 1988 year, presented his thanks to 25. He wished for coexistence for many years.

The meeting, which was presented to our graduates, ended with the cocktail organized after the cut of 25.Yıl cake. After the cocktail, the graduates of 1988 year in the same place continued their association with the dinner meeting organized among themselves.

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