Journey Between the Continents

istanbul bogazi ropeway project
istanbul bogazi ropeway project

Traveling by intercontinental cableway: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which has started to use public transportation systems such as metrobus and subway to solve the traffic problem which is now becoming a chronic city, is now preparing to add the cable car to this ring. Mayor Kadir Topbas, about this historical project; "The project will be made between Etiler and Çamlıca 6 thousand an hour, a day 100 thousand people will pass the Bosphorus cable." He said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality experts completed the studies on the cable car line which will extend from the European side to the Anatolian side. Etiler-Üsküdar (Camlica) between hours per hour 6 thousand passengers will carry the final work of the project was presented to President Kadir Topbas.


Mayor Kadir Topbas, about this historical project; Diğer It will be important and exciting to travel from Asia to Europe, from one continent to another. Another cable of Altunizade will be to Çamlıca in this cable car crossing the Bosphorus. On both sides of the Anatolian coast, Beykoz's two hills will be connected by cable car. With the project to be built between Etiler and Çamlıca, the 6 thousand people will pass the Bosphorus to the Bosphorus with the 100 thousand per day. Lıca


After Eyüp and Maçka, work is now underway to establish a ropeway between Karlıtepe and Yuşa Hill in Beykoz. The first ropeway, which will extend from the Paşabahçe coast to the highest hill, will make the course of the Bosphorus with a trip of a distance of 2. Boat and yachts that will be built on the beach and reach the picnic area will be established in the forested promenade area. In addition, the second cable car that will provide access to the Yuşa Hill with all the beauties of the Bosphorus will be watched access. The mausoleum located at the tip of the Bosphorus, can be reached by cable car from Ortaçeşme.


The works carried out with the cooperation of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Beykoz Municipality will continue with the arrangement of the promenade area. Metropolitan Municipality, Karlıtepe the tender for the arrangement of the picnic area. The work for the cable car will also begin after the tender. Karlıtepe, which is called the second Çamlıca Hill of Istanbul, is also supported by the works. Those who want to enjoy the pleasure of cruising from the back of the Bosphorus, Karlıtepe can be easily reached by road, cable car access will be provided. The ropeway project will contribute to the tourism and economy of the region.

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