Renovation of bridges

Renovation of the bridges will be done during the night: Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges 18 month (540 days) will begin the repair process.

The tender for the work, which will be prolonged due to structural reinforcement, is on September 5th. The works, which are planned to start after the Marmaray is opened, will be carried out at night when the arrows are closed to prevent traffic interruptions.

Maintenance and repairs planned to be carried out in Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Bosphorus bridges in Istanbul were started. The General Directorate of Highways has initiated the tender process for works foreseeing major repairs and structural reinforcements at the Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridges. According to the details of the tender to be made through open tender procedure, the repair period will take 540 days. Accordingly, 5 days after the tender to be held on September 2013, 15, the place will be delivered. From this date, there will be 18 months (540 days) of work.

Transportation Minister Binali Yildirim, who made a statement on the subject, stated that the maintenance of the bridges will be started on the most suitable date after the opening of Marmaray.


Yıldırım stated that the maintenance will be done as much as possible in the night when the traffic density is low in order to prevent the Istanbul residents from being victimized, and that the maintenance works can be started after the schools are closed in line with the planning to be done. A written statement was made from the ministry on the allegations that both bridges will be closed due to maintenance yesterday. It was stated that there was no such thing in the explanation, 'In the tender specification, 540 calendar days were determined in order to carry out the works so as not to disrupt the traffic and predominantly during the hours with low traffic density'.

No consortium allowed

Bids will be given on turnkey lump sum price. As a result of the tender, a turnkey lump sum contract will be signed with the tenderer. In this tender, an offer will be submitted for the entire work. The bidders shall provide a temporary guarantee in the amount they determine, not less than 3 percent of the price they offer. Bids will not be submitted to the tender as a consortium.

Experience requirement in tender

The companies that will participate in the tender must have done 15 percent of the tender price they will offer in relation to similar works in the last 80 years. The companies participating in the tender must have completed the construction of a new highway suspension bridge, with a medium span of not less than 700 meters. Or for a highway suspension bridge, with a mid span of not less than 700 meters, the suspension ropes with the clamp and connecting plate and the reinforcement of steel towers must have done maintenance, repair or renovation.



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