Çekmeköy-Ümraniye ancThe ceremony of the first tunnels of the Sancaktepe metro (Photo Gallery)

Speaking at the unification ceremony of the first tunnels of the Çekmeköy-Ümraniye-Sancaktepe subway, the second metro of the Anatolian side, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş said, "We, as the Metropolitan Municipality, are building subway lines in a period when the municipalities in the world are not building the subway.

The first tunnels in the Çekmeköy - Ümraniye - Sancaktepe - Çekmeköy metro, the second metro of the Anatolian side, were combined with a ceremony. Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş, Üsküdar Mayor Mustafa Kara, Ümraniye Mayor Hasan Can, Sancaktepe Mayor İsmail Erdem, Çekmeköy Mayor Ahmet Poyraz and the officials of the contractor attended the program held at the Ümraniye stop, which is located 26 to 30 meters below the ground.

Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, said, ir When we come to 2016, we will be carrying 7 million passengers per day in railways in Istanbul ağı.

Mayor Topbas underlined that they have allocated 100 share in 55 and he said that ü This metropolis will be one of the important transportation networks of the Anatolian side. Altunizade metrobus, Üsküdar metrobüsle, Üsküdar with the transfer will be provided with Marmaray 'said.

In today's world that municipalities carry the subway but Metropolitan Municipality as underground structures in Istanbul had themselves that said Topbaş underlined undertake: "To know you xnumx't the first tunnel in Istanbul, Turkey, was made as second in the world. Since then, we have been trying to introduce a serious transportation axis that we have neglected. We took the 1873 km 45 km to 125 km.
We are one of the biggest metro investments in the History of the Republic Kadıköy-We made the Eagle for 3 billion liras. Now it will extend to Pendik-Tuzla. And we weave the bottom of Istanbul with iron nets. We know that the most important solution for transportation in modern cities is the metro. For this reason, we, as IMM, have made 100 per 55 of our budget as transportation, (26 billion lira) and mainly subway, and we continue to do so. ”

Informing that Üsküdar - Çekmeköy subway will be put into service at the end of 2015, Mayor Topbaş said, “The tender price of our metro construction is 563 million 899 thousand Euros. It will be completed in 38 months. When the system is activated, it will be possible to reach Üsküdar 24, Ümraniye 12, eagle 56, Yenikapı 36, Taksim 44 in Çekmeköy ”.

Mayor Topbaş, with the completion of the construction of the metro in 2016 7 million people a day will become underlining the use of the metro, tamamlan World cities are in competition. We work day and night to make Istanbul the most impressive city. We wish everyone in this city will be happy. Let's live together in love tolerance, peace, tranquility, happiness. Sev

After his speech, Mayor Topbas gave instructions for the completion of the tunnel. The last stroke of the CPC, Çarşı and Umraniye were combined. The workers inside the TBM were hanged by the Turkish flag in the tunnel. Mayor Topbaş and his entourage took a souvenir photo together with the tunnel workers at the juncture of the two combined tunnels.

Intensive work continues in the second metro of the Anatolian side, which is planned to be completed in 38 months. The mole (TBM) of the Anatolian side with the world's most advanced tunnel digging machine. Kadıköy - The tunnels of Üsküdar - Ümraniye - Sancaktepe - Çekmeköy subway, which will provide access to the European side, which is the second largest subway after the Kartal line, have been combined and the 24,5 meter tunnel has been completed.

Source: IMM

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