Alstom Grid Turkey has been appointed the new general manager of Power Transformers Factory

Alstom Grid Turkey Power Transformers has been appointed the new general manager of the factory: xnumx'l of the year producing power transformers in the plant in Gebze, in operation since and by issuing 1960% of its production "Electricity transmission and distribution equipment" category export champion Alstom Grid Turkey's power Hakan Karadoğan was appointed to the General Directorate of Transformers.

Alstom Grid transformer manufacturing center in China in the same position with Turkey assigned Karadoğan, Gebze facilities to 10 years later was appointed for the first time a Turkish president.

Hakan Karadoğan graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Electrical Engineering in 1995. Following his graduation from Karadoğan, he started his career at 1996 in Alstom where he started to work as a design engineer. Mr. Karadoğan is a member of the Turkish Mirror Committee. He is married with two children.

About Alstom
Alstom; is a global leader in energy generation, energy transmission and rail infrastructure, setting the bench for innovative and environmentally friendly technologies. Alstom builds the highest capacity automatic subway system as well as the fastest train in the world. In addition to supplying turnkey power plant solutions and related services for a wide range of energy sources including hydro and nuclear power, natural gas, coal and wind energy, Alstom also offers a wide range of intelligent network-oriented solutions for energy transmission. Approximately 100 93.000 employees in the country that employ 2012 2013 / 20 in the period of 24 sales of over 1 billion euros and received an order of approximately XNUMX billion euros.

About Alstom Turkey
Alstom has started to operate in Turkey in the year xnumx'l, it has contributed significantly to Turkey's energy and rail transport infrastructure. The group's references to power plants include a wide range of fuels; Çan Lignite Power Plant with 1960 MW, Afsin Elbistan A Coal Power Plant with 320 MW and Hamitabat Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant with 1.340 MW Power. Alstom, the country's largest hydroelectric power plant, including the Ataturk Dam, Turkey more than xnumx's% of the installed power generation capacity has provided basic equipment. Alstom has supplied about% 1.120 of TEİAŞ's installed transmission products and has successfully realized important railway projects such as the construction of Istanbul's first Metro Line (Taksim-Levent) and the delivery of 50 units for TCDD and İstanbul tram. Alstom trade in Turkey, engineering, with approximately 50 employees that employment in the services and manufacturing, power generation and in power transmission field has the capacity to manage all regions worldwide turnkey transmission projects, is a company that provides social and economic benefits. Alstom Grid exports% 460 of its production in Gebze factory and is always in the first 1.200 ranking of the biggest 85 national company.

Source: ALSTOM

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