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Ethiopian Railways to Train TCDD

TCDD to Train Ethiopian Railway Passengers TCDD, which has successfully implemented many major projects in line with the main objectives of high speed train projects, modernization of the existing system and development of advanced railway industry, will export its experience to Africa. Africa [more…]

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Students will Take a Balkan Tour by Train

Students Will Take a Balkan Tour by Train Within the scope of the "Youth train, this country is ours" project implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and TCDD, 240 students will take a Balkan tour by train. Statement from TCDD [more…]


TÜVASAŞ 3 exports to the continent

TÜVASAŞ exports to 3 continents Having manufactured nearly 2 passenger wagons and repaired more than 36 thousand wagons for TCDD, which is its sole customer in Turkey, TÜVASAŞ exports its products to Turkey in the field of rail vehicles. [more…]

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T1 Fire Truck

Fire in the Reşat Oyal Culture Park T1 Tram Construction Warehouse According to the information received, Nedim B, who was in charge of the light rail system construction warehouse in the Merkez Osmangazi district, filled a gas tank with the fuel he filled in the vehicles. [more…]