06 Ankara

Çayyolu Metro is coming down

Çayyolu Metro goes to the rail: The construction of the subway on the Sincan, Çayyolu and Keçiören lines is one of the most curious issues for Ankara residents. As the works continue underground, it is not possible to see the progress stage. Well [more…]

01 Adana

Adana Metro Moved to Parliament

Adana Metro Moved to the Turkish Grand National Assembly: Faruk Loğoğlu asked Prime Minister Erdoğan to be answered in writing: “Contrary to your promise, Adana metro has not been transferred to the Ministry of Transport. No progress has been made in the construction of the subway. Your plans and works for the completion of Adana metro [more…]


TCDD launches renovation work in Kahramanmaraş

TCDD started renovation work in Kahramanmaraş AK Party Kahramanmaraş Deputy Sıtkı Güvenç said that within the scope of the renovation works, the rails of 49 and 58 were replaced with 60 rails and tree sleepers with concrete sleepers. Transport of most developed countries [more…]

07 Antalya

Butsodan Antalya Fast Train Campaign Support

Support for Butsodan Antalya High Speed ​​Train Campaign Burdur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BUTSO) President Yusuf Keyik and Board Members supported ATSO's signature campaign to build high-speed trains to Antalya before Expo 2015. Burdur Trade [more…]


The Echoes of Death in TUDEMSAS

The Echoes of Death in TÜDEMSAŞ Continues The repercussions of the death of a subcontractor company worker in the work accident that occurred in TÜDEMSAŞ continues. Turkey produces railway wagons in Sivas Railway Equipment AŞ (TÜDEMSAŞ) echoes of occupational accidents resulting in loss of life subcontractors worker [more…]

01 Adana

Old man lost his life under accelerated train

The old man lost his life by being caught under the accelerated train The old man who wanted to cross the level crossing in Adana died by being caught under the accelerated train as a result of his foot caught on the rails. In the incident in Adana Central Seyhan District Yeşilevler District, Necmettin Coşkun [more…]