transafgan railway construction begins
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TransAfgan railway construction begins

The Turkmenistan government started the construction of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan railway, including Afghanistan. The construction of Atamurat-Imamnazar (Turkmenistan) - Akina (Afghanistan) line is expected to be completed by 2015. In the Council of Ministers, chaired by the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguli Berdimuhamedov [more…]

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TCDD employees are upset

TCDD employees are worried The stoning of the trains running parallel to the Syrian border on the Carchemish-Nusaybin line is disturbing the state railway operators and workers. The freight train recently returned from Mürşit Pınar. Employees react to this situation [more…]

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Kastamonuya Railway will surely come

Kastamonuya Railway will surely come Ilgaz Mountain project is one of the main activities. According to the information given by the Governor of Kastamonu Erdogan Bektas 600 meters by Ankara, 60 meters by Kastamonu drilled tunnel [more…]


TÜVASAŞ 62 for years!

TÜVASAŞ was established in 1951 in Sakarya and started to produce wagons and exports to Europe, Asia and Africa. Founded in 1951 62 years serving in Sakarya and Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. (TÜVASAŞ), Europe, Asia [more…]