34 Istanbul

Line 200 Now in Eagle Metro

Line No. 200 is now extended to the Kartal Metro in the Kartal Metro, where the 200 line, which was commissioned by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality due to the high-speed train works, was launched. D-100 will take all passengers from Istanbul [more…]

07 Antalya

A fast train to Istanbul - Antalya

Fast train to Istanbul - Antalya interplanetary journey begins, which will be developed a new railway lines, first from Ankara aims to start operating the line extending from Sivas Treasury, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Development, Turkey in the last decade [more…]


Kütahya and High Speed ​​Train

Kütahya and High Speed ​​Train AK Party Kütahya Member of Parliament and KİT (State Economic Enterprises) Commission Member Hasan Fehmi KİNAY, TCDD's KIT Commission Meetings, High Speed ​​Train Arrival to Kütahya and Establishment of TCDD Logistics Center in Kütahya [more…]


Samsun Station Building Renewed

Samsun Station Building Renewed Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Property Samsun Station building was made of maintenance and repair. Construction works of TCDD's Gar Operation building in Samsun have been completed. 1996 building made in 17 for the first time after years [more…]