251 Ethiopia

TCDD's opening to Africa

TCDD's Africa expansion High-speed train projects, modernization of the existing system, development of the advanced railway industry in line with the main objectives of many major projects, TCDD will export its experience to Africa. Ethiopia's newly opened [more…]


Samulaş summer tariff is being implemented in Samsun

Samulaş starts to apply summer schedule in Samsun Samulaş will switch to 2013 summer schedule in Samsun. Let's look at the tariff details. General Manager Üner, who gave information about the changes made in the summer schedule, said that the last movement of the trams in the rail system. [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. Airport Waste

Airport is Wasteful Candan Karlıtekin, former Chairman of the Board of Directors, who has made a significant contribution to the growth of THY, is a member of 3. Evaluated the airport. Karlıtekin project 'waste' he said. Action magazine will be held in Istanbul 3. Airport [more…]