The transportation of TÜDEMSAŞ is on the agenda again at TSO

📩 25/11/2018 17:11

The move of TÜDEMSAŞ is on the agenda again at TSO
The railway network will gain importance by the high-speed train and the area of ​​the railway to continue to work more than a period to enter the TÜDEMSAŞ a few years ago, the issue of the issue of the relocation of TUDAMSAS came to the agenda again.
TÜDEMSAŞ, once more than a thousand people worked on the 8 but the number of workers and civil servants decreased to a thousand persons within the scope of the reduction policy, in recent years, it can prove to be a profitable organization that can develop itself with the production of wagons and tankers.
It was thought that the only public investment that is in the hands of Sivas, TÜDEMSAŞ, would be added to the defense, but no attempt was made on the initiatives made in this regard.
In recent years, the issue of TUDEMSAS's move to the agenda, this situation has been reacted and the ideas put forward on this issue had been racked.
After a few years, the issue of TÜDEMSAŞ's relocation was brought to the agenda again by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of TSO, Osman Yıldırım at the meeting of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Yildirim, TÜDEMSAŞ to be improved, to make a factory based on defense industry will be turned into a factory will carry the transport of TUDEMSAS announced again to the agenda.
Claiming that the transport of TÜDEMSAŞ is very important for both Sivas and the future of the factory, Yıldırım says de If the factory goes this way, it will definitely meet with the privatization. When it is privatized, the person who buys the place will save the place because it is valued and it is more valuable than the factory to work and increase its production. Let us consider this when the initiative is in us. They should give this area to our municipality. Carry out the factory with the desired conditions and quality to the railway infrastructure. After the factory was established and started production, this area was transferred to the municipality. If there will be a rent here, the people of Sivas benefit from the rent. That's our suggestion. We're moving back to the agenda. Since it will provide a return to our municipality both in terms of urbanism and Sivas, TÜDEMSAŞ should be moved here. This is very important for the development of the factory and industry. Fab

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