TCDD Ticket Control System and Passenger Services

TCDD ticket control system still continues to be done in the same way as it was done 100 years ago ... Unlike this, the high-speed train ticket control is carried out while getting on the train ... by not making a second check on the train, both the passengers are not disturbed and the loss-leakage rate [more…]

35 Izmir

Izban schedules were re-arranged

Izban voyage times have been rearranged. It has been reported that the Izmir Suburban System (IZBAN) has changed the times of the flights between Menemen and Aliağa due to road works. In the statement made by İZBAN, due to the mandatory road elimination works carried out by Tcdd between Menemen-Aliağa, 16 December 2012 [more…]

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16 Bursa

Bursa Bandırma high speed train line

Bursa Bandırma high-speed train line. Here, the first articles I wrote about Bandırma MB'de Bandırma'nin development and Bursa to see the correct sea of ​​Bursa Bandırma high-speed train line should be done as soon as possible to underline the importance of [more…]


RayHaber 13.12.2012 Tender Bulletin

Forged and Complete Parts Will Be Purchased Cylindrical Bearing Axle Bearing (BUATAGRES) Will Be Purchased Susta will be purchased for Construction of Field Concrete and Overflow Pool for Fuel Tanks around Samsun Warehouse and Loco Maintenance Directorate (TÜDEMSAŞ) TCDD 5th Region [more…]


Projects to Relieve Tokat Traffic

Tokat Mayor Adnan Çiçek noted that large-scale studies on the solution of the traffic problem are about to be completed. Tokat Mayor Adnan Çiçek, Gaziosmapaşa Bridge and intersection works, Tokat Deputy Mayor Mustafa Bandırma, Science Works [more…]

34 Istanbul

Istanbul Tramways

Istanbul Trams Public transportation in Istanbul is a large sector that meets the transportation needs of approximately 10 million people a day. The beginning of transportation in the city dates back to the Ottoman Empire periods. The starting date is August 30, 1869. At this time, by the Ottoman Empire, the first [more…]


TCDD History and Nostalgic Images

TCDD History and Nostalgic History The history of the railway in the Ottoman lands (History of TCDD), the 1851 in Cairo-Alexandria railway line in 211, and the current history of the railways in the national borders 23 1856 130 in XNUMX km [more…]

33 France

International Railways Association Meets in Paris

The International Railways Association Meets in Paris The Executive Board and 81st General Assembly meetings of the International Railways Association (UIC), which is the largest organization in the world to develop cooperation between railways, to which our organization is a member, [more…]

31 Hatay

Construction of Top Station for Antakya Teleferik Project

Upper Station Construction Has Started for Antakya Cable Car Project The construction of the upper stations of the 'ropeway project' to be built between the Yarn Market - Habib-i Neccar Mountain has been started by the Municipality of Antakya in order to gain urban tourism. Municipality officials, Yarn Market - Habib-i [more…]

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