35 Izmir

Izban schedules were re-arranged

Izban expeditions were reorganized Izmir suburban system (İZBAN) Menemen-Aliağa between the hours of the flights, road work has been changed due to changes were reported. In a statement from IZBAN, Tcdd's mandatory maneuvering of Menemen-Aliaga is due to 16 December 2012 [more…]


RayHaber 13.12.2012 Tender Bulletin

Forging and Complete Parts will be purchased Cylindrical Roller Bearing Axle Bearing (BUATAGRES) Will Be Purchased Samsun Warehouse and Loco Maintenance Directorate Around Field Concrete and Fuel Tanks Overflow Pool Construction Work will be purchased in Tust (TUDEMSAS) TCDD 5.Bölge [more…]