Second Railway Line Opened From China to Kazakhstan

According to the Shinhua agency, a freight train from Lienyüngang, the port city of Ciangsu province in eastern China, passed the Xinjiang-Kazakhstan border and entered Kazakhstan. The train is said to have crossed into Kazakhstan from Kargas, Xinjiang and it is expected that the same city will be transformed into an international network with highways, railway lines and pipelines.
The cost of the railway crossing the cost of the Chinese side 962 million dollars is recorded, while the first line is expected to relieve Alatav. 15,6, a railway line from China to Kazakhstan and Central Asia, carries a million tons of cargo.
With this last line, Kargas is expected to carry 2020 million tons of cargo per year up to 20 million tons, 2030 up to 35 with land, iron and oil pipelines.
China has recently deepened its trade and economic cooperation with the Central Asian countries, and has been using the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous region, which is particularly limited to these countries. According to official customs figures, last year, trade between Xinjiang and 5 Central Asian countries increased to 16,98 billion US dollars.
Last year, a free trade center was established between China and Kazakhstan.

Source: Yapı.com

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