Maintenance Works for Olympos Teleferik Line Began

Maintenance Works on Olympos Teleferik Line Started: Maintenance work started on the cable car at Tahtali Mountain, which is an 2 thousand 365 meter in Kemer, Antalya.

Olympos Teleferik, located on Kemer Tahtalı Mountain, was taken care of between 11-21 April 2016. Olympos Teleferik hosts the 230 thousand visitors last year and Swiss, Austrian and Turkish engineers are working. Safety protection barriers brought from abroad especially in the foreground of the safety of the work with engineers working in meters from the ground, the ropes, machines and masts are maintenance.


Providing information about the maintenance work, Olympos Teleferik General Manager Haydar Gümrükçü said, Bakım It is important for us that our guests make a safe journey. Daily, monthly, yearly and 5 are doing maintenance work in annual periods. Engineers from our facility in Austria, Switzerland, and 10 have taken care of our ropeway with daily work. The ropes, machines and masts of our lift need maintenance in certain periods. 11 21 will begin in April. 21 will begin our routine ropeway flights from April. X


Olympos Teleferik, one of the most important examples of alternative tourism and one of the longest ropeways in the world with its 4 bin 350 meter length, transports the passengers from the sub-station to the top of the 2 thousand 365 meters in about ten minutes. Olympus cable car, since it was opened to 2007 from Turkey and doing business around the world to host local and foreign tourists.

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