Ray Thieves Caught

Ray Thieves Arrested Siirt Provincial Gendarmerie Command caught the 6 stalker who was stuck in idle condition. According to the information, Kurtalan District Gendarmerie in the area of ​​responsibility of the State Railways in the inert state of the rails by cutting 2 pieces [more…]

IRIS Certification

Frequently Asked Questions About IRIS Certification

Frequently Asked Questions About IRIS Certification: The International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) is a common, global method for evaluating business management systems across the railway supply chain. It is based on ISO 9001 and can be tailored to the specific requirements of the international rail industry. [more…]

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Railway News | RayHaber

Ray Haber, the first site that comes to mind when it comes to railway news, will celebrate its 31.12.2012 year on 1. In an 11-month period, more than 10.000 news, 10 years of railway news archive, more than 3000 company information and current news, [more…]


TCDD made a gender statement on ticket purchase

TCDD, explanation was made about the gender-ticket purchases Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), as is shown in buying tickets on the internet "male" and "female" button explained that the purpose of statistical analysis. In the written statement made by TCDD, some newspapers [more…]

07 Antalya

Railway requirement for Antalya Port

Arkas Holding Chairman Lucien Arkas said that the railway is essential in order to make Antalya Port more functional, which he determined that it is not used sufficiently. "All townspeople insist on the railway." Arkas said, “It is undoubtedly an expensive investment. [more…]

izmir camlik steam train banana
35 Izmir

İzmir Çamlık Steam Locomotive Museum

Çamlık Steam Locomotive Museum: For train lovers and train modelers, a museum located on the İzmir road, after climbing Selçuk (İzmir) for about 10 km, your road passes through Çamlık Village. After entering the village, the gentle ramp goes down [more…]

34 Istanbul

III. Public Transportation Week Transist 2012

lll. Public Transportation Week Transist 2012 İett Business General Manager Dr. Hayri Baraçlı stated that they started the “Engine Platform” initiative for the first domestic engine production and said “The theory will be the university, the production will be done by the domestic industrial establishments and the implementation will be done by İett”. [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. Public Transportation Week ended

Public Transportation Week ended Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, Istanbul in the morning-evening hours lost in traffic in the day and in vain fuel, 1 annual cost of fuel burned 3,5 billion pounds, he said. Istanbul Congress Center [more…]

silkworm tram rayhaber
16 Bursa

The First Local Tram Comes to the Tracks

First local tram rails down to: domestic car was made in Bursa, Turkey's first indigenous tram then saying domestic aircraft. The first domestic tram, whose final checks have been made, will land on the rails for a test drive. The first domestic vehicle called 'silkworm' [more…]

34 Istanbul

I couldn't even get a bike to the subway (Video)

Even a bicycle wheel could not enter the subway. In many of my articles, I always emphasize the place of bicycle in our lives and how an important transportation solution it is in urban planning. While cycling is seen as a means of transportation and solution even in the world's most populous cities, why [more…]

34 Istanbul

The best tactics of getting on the Metrobus

The easiest way to get rid of Istanbul's traffic jam is via metrobus. Metrobus made it easier for Istanbulites to make their life easier. You can travel between Beylikdüzü and Söğütlüçeşme without getting stuck in traffic. However, if you can get on it .. Metrobus is not enough to get up every minute. That's why you [more…]