TCDD Announces High Speed ​​Train Delay

The Republic of Turkey Demiryolları'n by (TCDD), High Speed ​​Train in s (YHT) 27 the delay in December, stating that it is an exceptional situation resulting from the transformer failure between Ankara Sincan, as planned, with the exceptions of yht reported continued their voyage. from TCDD [more…]

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Announcement on the Commuter Train Line | Istanbul

Announcement on Commuter Train Line DLH Marmaray Regional Directorate, Gebze- Halkalı Improvement of suburban lines indicates that the construction is being carried out and that the entrance to the train lines prevents the entrance from being blocked by the sets but that they endanger the lives of the people trying to cross the sets. [more…]

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TÜDEMSAŞ to be restructured

TÜDEMSAŞ will be restructured. AK Party Sivas Deputy Hilmi Bilgin, the corruption allegations came to the agenda with the restructuring of TÜDEMSAŞ, said they will make the technology conditions will follow the market, TÜDEMSAŞ said they will turn into an institution that meets the needs of the railway Bilgin, gin TÜDEMSAŞ, [more…]