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Bursa T-1 Tram line is one of the projects

Bursa T-1 Tram line is one of the local projects that has the effect of the judiciary. The Bursa T-1 Tram Line, which is being built in the city center by BURULAŞ, is one of the local projects. In the Metropolitan Assembly tomorrow, the owners of the dolmuş who worked in the Garage-Sculpture line [more…]


Sakarya Yeniketliler wants rail system

Sakarya Yeniketliler rail system wants another reader from Yeniket also met the other days of the Metropolitan Municipality Council MHP Group Deputy Chairman Metin Ökden'in "Yeniket'le returned torture returned transportation," he evaluated. Our readers, Yenikent about those who do not sit in Yeniket [more…]