TÜVASAŞ announces 2013 targets

TÜVASAŞ announced its targets for 2013 TÜVASAŞ General Manager Erol İnal stated that the Diesel Train Set (DMU) Project, which started in 2010, consists of 11 vehicles, 3 of which are 4 and 37 is 12, and the vehicles are in sets of XNUMX eat [more…]

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Bursaray transfer by tram will be made from Osmangazi

The integration of the Kent Meydani-Santral Garaj ring tram line with Bursaray, which is under construction in Bursa, will be transferred from Osmangazi to Bursaray by tram. Passenger transfer of tram line with Bursa light rail system serving between Arabayatağı-Küçüksanayi-University Osmangazi metro [more…]

16 Bursa

First Domestic Tram Produced in Bursa Landed on the Rails

The First Domestic Tram Produced in Bursa Is On The Rail: BURSA Metropolitan Municipality and Durmazlar Test drives of the tram "Silkworm", which has been working on projects for two years with the cooperation of the machine, started. The Metropolitan Municipality has been working on for 2 years, Turkish engineers [more…]

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Bursa T-1 Tram line is one of the projects

Bursa T-1 Tram line, which is one of the projects that has its share of the judiciary, is one of the local projects that the Metropolitan continues to construct in the city center through BURULAŞ. In the Metropolitan Council, the owners of the minibus who work on the Garage-Sculpture line again tomorrow [more…]


Sakarya Yeniketliler wants rail system

Sakarya Yeniketliler wants a rail system Another reader from Yeniket evaluated the statement of Metin Ökden, Deputy Chairman of the MHP Group of the Metropolitan Municipality Council, as "Transportation turned to torture in Yeniket". Our reader, the comments of those who do not live in Yeniket about Yenikent [more…]


Trabzon has become a logistics center

Trabzon Logistics Center, the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union (DKİB) Chairman Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, Eastern Black Sea Region, the historic Silk Road mission to revive, he said. Gürdoğan noted that Trabzon has become a center for logistics. [more…]