Metrobus Fire: Metrobus Caught Fire While Cruising

iettden metrobus fire description
iettden metrobus fire description

Metrobus Fire: The fire of the metrobus while traveling in Avcılar caused active minutes. While the flames in the engine of the metrobus were extinguished with a fire tube, there was a brief panic in the incident.

The event took place last Saturday at the transfer stop in Avcilar. According to information received, metrobus after moving passengers. At one moment the flames started to rise from the engine of the metrobus, which was progressing one stop.


Upon the warning of the citizens waiting to board the next metrobus at the stop, the driver went down and checked the engine. The driver who realized that the flames were rising from the engine, and the driver of another metrobus who was waiting to move on, grew up. As soon as I noticed the incident, the driver shut the fire tube, and extinguished the flames without growing.

In the incident, metrobus passengers also experienced fearful moments.


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