İZBAN Employees Performed in Front of İZBAN General Directorate

Izban employees, affiliated with the Railroad-İş Union, gathered at the Izban General Directorate in Çiğli district of Izmir, and took action in front of the directorate. Selahattin Çetin (100), who made a press statement on behalf of about 32 people, said that they took this decision with friends here because they could not reach a conclusion in the collective agreement negotiations made by the Izmir Branch of the Railway Work Union in Izban A.Ş. Stating that the contract has not been fulfilled in any way since the past twenty months until today, Çetin said: “Therefore, as all friends, such a decision has been taken in Izban, the name of this decision is collective resignation.

We are currently writing our collective resignation petitions. That is to say, Izban employees were so valuable that when we expressed our distress, they told us to resign and we, as all friends, are now giving our resignations. There are 197 railway workers union members, including the mechanic, maintenance worker and our friends working at the station. There are employees of the subcontractor company for the train services now. They continue with 10 percent capacity over them. Among the 197 people, 100 mechanics, seventy of them maintenance personnel, and the remaining friends are our teammates working at the toll booths. We worked here without sleep, hungry and modestly, mobilized our means. We expect the same dedication from the authorities. Our struggle will continue. "

Source: Media 73


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