Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's Rail System Movements

Lı The last 20 is being constructed on the 22 kilometer line during the year, while the 27 kilometer rail system line is being built only during this period under the leadership of Recep Altepe. Ğ

Pala, participating in the program of a local television channel, talked about transportation investments in Bursa. Bursa is a great city and said that Turkey and serve the world in Pala, industry, science, tourism, stated that its presence felt in all areas such as agriculture and culture. Stating that such a big city may have problems and managers can solve them, Pala has stated that many mayors, governors and academic chambers have been serving so far. voiced

Pala said, bil Our citizens should know that a municipality that understands their problems is at work. The most important issue of Bursa is public transportation. The most important factor in public transport is the rail system. The right choice has been made by passing to the rail system years ago and the process is continued. The 20 mileage track was laid over the last 22 years before this period, while the 27 kilometer rail system line is being built only during this period under the leadership of Recep Altepe. Around 650 trillion money was spent for this period of rail system lines. The Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa has done its part to solve the transportation problem. Bursa

Pala also talked about the transportation master plan studies, this period Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Erdem Saker since the agenda of the transportation master plan and 1 / 100000 scaled environmental plan is prepared. The municipality executives, such as those who make the plans of the sane people who noted that Pala, insanlar The decisions they take, such plans are appropriate. Do not understand that different or opposite works are done. We always respect the opinions and thoughts of our academic rooms and keep them above our heads. However, it should be kept in mind that Bursa is a living organism. Unless new roads are opened, even if the roads in the existing zoning plan cannot be opened, urban traffic is blocked. There is a main axle between Gökdere and Kaplıkaya. Under it, a new axis was created from Şehreküstü to Kestel. On the other hand, the road works of 2 are continuing between Acemler and Esenevler. These are the life vessels of Bursa. The citizens of Burdur were able to go from work to work to their homes and to open new roads. M 30 trillion expropriation money was spent. Bur

Steep axes next to the transverse axes said that the Pala, the street of the street began to collapse on the road to the streets said. Pala, explaining that these roads have to be opened, even in the plan to put into effect the works, although the road works will be completed in this period, he said. Pala, said that the XYUMX million 1 thousand tons of asphalt has been poured in order to be able to travel on healthier roads.

Noting that everyone can express their opinion about the investments in the courts, Pala said, em What is the duty of municipalities and parliaments if the courts are to be granted permission to make a route? Can many managers decide for the interests of Bursa? Court decisions are not final decisions. Bursa is in need of new roads and should be opened. How will people in Yıldırım or Kestel district be transported to the Environmental Motorway? However, it is possible to enter the Ring Road in Gölbaşı. Samanlı connection road should be made to solve this problem. Bu

Bursa's added value with a new stadium with a capacity of 45 thousand people kazanExpressing that he will be ready, Pala reminded that there is already a Veledrom stadium in place of the stadium. On the other hand, explaining that 1 million square meters of parking area has been created around the stadium, Pala also emphasized that there is no such green area around any stadium. Noting that there will be no transportation problems in the stadium, Pala said that BursaRay is located around it and new intersections and roads are also built. Referring to the T1 line, which continues to work in Altıparmak, Pala said, “The tradesmen will not have any grievances in this regard. No manager does not harm his own people on the face of it. In the ongoing process, both parties will sit down and talk and express their views. Trams and public transport lines are indispensable necessities. Professional chambers can also take any issue to court. As a municipality, we respect the opinions and thoughts of professional chambers. After all, the administration in the position of responsibility does its work. The people still make the final decision. People are waiting for investment in transportation. You will not be serving the citizens with such obstructive attitudes. Vehicles will pass through Altınparmak Street again and the roads will not be narrowed. Vehicles that are less harmful to the environment, consume less energy and carry more passengers will be used. The process of transition from wheeled vehicle to rail system continues”.

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