What is the latest situation in Adapazarı-Ankara high-speed train works?

What is the latest situation in Adapazarı-Ankara high speed train studies: The studies to connect the Ankara-Istanbul high speed train project directly to the third bridge from the north after Sakarya continue.

In the studies conducted on an 132 km-long route, particular attention is paid to the North Anatolian Fault. A meticulous work on the route is being carried out to ensure earthquake resistance.

The high speed train that will travel at 250 km per hour will pass through the tunnels with a total length of 50 km. In addition to the tunnels, there are 15 viaduct structures.

When looking at the route, it can be predicted how tunnel and viaduct structures can be constructed on some routes that go parallel to the TEM highway.

All study studies will be completed in August and submitted to the approval of the administration. After the approval of the administration, the tender for the construction of the project will be finalized and 2023.

Until the 2023, the current Köseköy-Gebze high-speed train corridor will be continued.

The main goal of the high-speed train will be to reach Ankara directly from Adapazarı. Mudurnu-Çayırhan-Ayaş-Sincan corridor will be used for this.

Source : http://www.sakaryarehberim.com

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