We will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic with double high speed trains and projects.

İzmir Haber City Net Ak party İzmir deputy Aydın Şengül We will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the republic not with balls, but with double road, high speed train and projects.
- In the Sütçüler village of İzmir Kemalpaşa, Muhtar Ali Kesmeci and 70 people who left CHP and MHP joined the ranks of the AK Party with a ceremony.
In the ceremony AK Party İzmir Deputy Aydin Sengul, Provincial Chairman Omer Cihat Akay, District Chairman Yasar Kırkpınar and many parties were present. Deputy Sengul, the passers wore their badges.
Making a speech at the participation ceremony, AK Party İzmir Deputy Aydın Şengül said, “The AK Party was first established in Anatolia. There is room for everyone in our party. It is a party that does not engage in active nationalism. The greatest danger for this country is to 'other' the country from within. We are trying to open up the polarization between us and give space to everyone. Mr. Prime Minister has something to tell us; 'Never lose your enthusiasm,' he says. We will have our regular 30th Congress on October 4th. On behalf of this country, our party is creating a new momentum and excitement. kazanwill ache. In 2023, we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic. We will celebrate the celebrations as a great Turkey, not with balls and dances, but with double roads, high-speed trains and projects. We have big dreams that we want to achieve. Our hearts are open to everyone," he said.

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