Borusan convinces TCDD to connect Gemlik and ports to railway

The railway that will reach Gemlik will take the 30 million tons from the highway.
Borusan Lojistik will be convinced by the TCDD to connect Gemlik and its ports to the railway and to build a line to run freight trains. Borusan Lojistik will have invested 3 million dollars in the port every five years. Borusan's goal is to become a part of South Marmara's growing economy by acquiring its neighbor Gemport.
Borusan Lojistik wants to continue its growth rate in the port area with the acquisition of Gemport, a neighbor of Gemlik. Borusan Logistics Assistant General Manager said the port they have in Gemlik they do exist for investment dollars 250 million Ibrahim Progeny, "Turkey as Borusan Gemport Port of sales of İşbank We think now we come to the final round. Even if we don't buy Gemport, we will deal with other port sales auctions in line with our growth strategy. Gem
Borusan Lojistik Port, which shares the Group's investments and developments in the logistics sector with its readers, was the railroad investments of TCDD. Dölen expressed his excitement by saying dik I believe that connecting Gemlik and Bursa to railways is more important than our investments in ports ed continued his words as follows: Adoption of the introduction of freight train in the 2023 railway investment plan to Gemlik region is a welcome development. Projects updated. We have said that we will provide our support for the implementation of this project in 2014 and 2015. This project is the project to transfer the annual 30 million tons of cargo from the highway to the railway in Gemlik. In line with the 2023 foreign trade target, the volume of cargo in the region will grow even more, and this railway connection will prevent a very important environmental disaster. The fact that there is a railway connection to an area where the automotive industry is intense will bring down the logistics costs of these industrialists. Turkey will keep coming for the production of new models. I believe that connecting Gemlik and Bursa to railways is more important than our investments in ports. Gem
Borusan closely follows these developments and stated that the growth strategy determines the Dölen, X Borusan Port project, 2023 up to what we can do according to economic changes in our work there. The investment project that we find on Phase 5 is already available. Faz
Ibrahim Dölen said that Borusan Lojistik has made significant investments in increasing its port capacity since 2000 and said that they made an investment of 130 million dollars in the first two phases. We have exported the number of automobile exports to 200 thousand units per year. 1 January We continue to invest in 2012, which we call Phase 3. This is a 2 million dollar investment project covering 3-115 year. This year we have realized the 40 million dollars of the project and we will complete the rest in the next year. Thus, the investment amount to Borusan Port in five years will reach 230 million dollars. After this phase, we will increase the annual container handling volume of 250 thousand teu to 2013 thousand in 400. We will increase our capacity to 2014 bin teu in 600 with the equipments to be added. İlave
'Gemport is over like'
Dören said that they are interested in the sales tender of Gemport. With the acquisition of Gemport, our investments in port will have reached serious dimensions. Within a week or two, notifications will be made about the purchase Bir. Asked if they would receive another port, Dölen said, “We did not plan to take another port with our current strategy. We are evaluating whether our port sales offerings are in line with our strategy, but Gemlik has a special importance for us. There is also a region with large industrial enterprises and the production facilities of the Borusan Group. From a structure that serves the Group's business, we have become a port serving only the 30 of the group today. If we don't buy Gemport, we may be interested in other port investments that will be auctioned. Gem
First 'green port' will be
Ibrahim Dölen stated that they carry a mission like being a pioneer in some matters in the logistics sector and said that Borusan preferred environmentalist practices in their investments. Dölen "Borusan port, when completed next year, the investment will be Turkey's first green port. We're turning all our equipment into electricity. We're about to reroute RTGs, and we've come to an end. We use as little damage as possible to the environment. We want to be the first port that deserves the green port slogan. We would also like to pioneer in this sector. Another environmental investment is that we launched last year; between Turkey and the European multimodal train was Taşımacılığı'y "he said.

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