General Electric and Siemens want to buy Alstom


The desire to buy General Electric and Siemens Alstom: GENERAL Electric (GE) has been offered 13 billion US dollars to buy a French company, and has recently received information that Siemens has offered to buy Alstom's Electric Turbines and its network equipment. .

In November 2013, 2014 announced that it would sell its shares in the Transportation Department with 3 billions worth of assets until the end of the year and 1300 would lay off its employees. Due to concerns about Alstom's cash flow, Alstom's value fell by 30 by March during the year. On the other hand, according to the nine-month results in January, the company's profit decreased by 12 due to the decline in demand in power plants.

Until recently, GE's interest in Alstom has not been confirmed. However, GE was reported to be negotiating with Alstom to buy a French company in a $ 1 billion deal. Alstom responded to these rumors by issuing a statement on the website and stated that at they did not receive any information about a possible public tender for the company's shares Al. In addition, v as planned erece, 13 added that they planned to report annual results in May and stated that they would plan benefit from this opportunity and will provide current information on the developments in their activities Ayrıca.

GE has not made any public disclosure.

On the other hand, last week, Siemens presented a letter of offer and became involved in the acquisition of Alstom. In this proposal, Siemens proposes a very radical restructuring in the sectoral field in Europe by establishing two new European Institutions. One of these organizations will operate in the energy field under the leadership of Siemens, which will purchase Alstom's thermal electricity, renewable electricity units and network units. The other will operate in the field of transportation under the leadership of Alstom. For this reason, Siemens will allow Altstom to buy its own high-speed train and locomotive companies and will also make Alstom's shareholders ve an important cash contribution kendi. Siemens still foresees to protect its suburban and urban rail system division in Europe.

Not long ago, French Minister of Economy Arnaud Montebourg declared that he would not accept a rush decision and would do what was necessary to preserve jobs and industry in France. In particular, he said, the country's nuclear industry will remain extremely rigorous to remain independent.

In his statement, French Economy Minister Arnaud Montebourg leri GE and Alstom have their own priorities, the same as the priorities of their shareholders. But the priority of the French government is separate, and this is a matter of economic sovereignty Ama, and this was the first time GE was formally confirmed.

According to Reuters, according to information from sources close to the Alstom GE agreement, iştir progress has been made iştir in the negotiations, but on the other hand, the Siemens proposal is only one declaration of intent at this stage.

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