50 bin Yozgatlı can not take the high-speed train

50 bin can not take the high-speed train with Yozgat: The 2007 High Speed ​​Train Project was taken into the Public Investment Program.

The foundation of the 2009 High Speed ​​Train Project was laid.

24.02.2009 Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's Yozgat square on the Anakara-Sivas high-speed train project about the "2012 hopefully finish this line."

Bekir Bozdag in 2009: X If Allah blessed, my brother who was riding Kadisehda in 2012 will be in Ankara after 60 minutes X

20.12.2011 Ertugrul Soysal: At the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, gat Ankara-Yozgat-Sivas high-speed train project, which will cost about 2014 billion dollars, which is expected to be completed in 3 year including my election region-

04.06.2012 Yusuf Başer: Yozgat Deputy Chairman Yusuf Başer visited Yenigün Newspaper with two different dates in twelve days and said, “High Speed ​​Train is now completed in Yozgat region and Ankara Yerköy line tender has been held. 2015 will be tested in XNUMX. X

16.06.2012 A statement made by Yusuf Başer on the agenda of the AKP evaluation by drawing on a period of twelve days a year after the visit: on The construction of the High Speed ​​Train Project continues rapidly. In our meeting with the Minister of Transportation, the Fast Train said that he would start his trial flights at the end of 2014. Ulaştırma

19.02.2012 Bekir Bozdag: arası The tender train between Ankara and Yerköy could not be made. In the coming days the rate will be finished. 2015 will be able to travel to Yozgat, Ankara by high-speed train before June, and if it wants to go from Esenler to Yozgat because it will be finished in Istanbul until then, it will have the opportunity to travel safer, faster and cheaper. X

04.03.2012 Bekir Bozdağ:: The tender between Yerköy and Ankara is about to be made. In 2015, my brother in Ankara will be able to reach Yozgat around 1 hours by high speed train.

21.04.2013 Bekir Bozdağ: imiz I hope that at the end of 2015 or at the beginning of 2016, there will be no problems in the transportation of our airport after the service of our airport is put into service with the introduction of the ında

18.07.2013 Bekir Bozdağ: 'There are big changes in our Yozgat. The High Speed ​​Train was scheduled in 2015. Looks like it's a little off. 2016 will be opened to traffic between Yozgat and Ankara-

16.07.2014 Bekir Bozdag: oz Yozgat 2017 stands out. Because 2017 will be the year of great changes in Yozgat. Because of the fast train, Bozok Airport will be operational. City hospital will be operational Şehir

Mr. Bozdağ and his choir were not as tired as they were every year. Bozdag will retire from politics and our train will not be able to arrive this year.

18.04.2013TBMM General Assembly, former Transport Minister Binali Yildirim: "If everything goes well at the end of the 2017 will be finished" was also a lie.

Since the election of these election lies, the construction of the High Speed ​​Train has been slow.

According to the 14 Public Investment Program published in January, the completion of the work was translated into 2018.

In the three years since the beginning of the project they say about the end of 8 years, the work can not be completed, but the cost continues to increase by approximately 150 Million TL every year.

Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train Project was taken into public investment program in 2007, it was foreseen to be completed in 2011 and project amount was determined as 2.091.583 TL. Finally, according to 2015 Public Investment Program, the project amount has been revised as 2.793.481,00 TL, 2014 TL has been spent by the end of 2.116.950,00, and 2015 Million TL has been allocated for 400 year.

Considering the time elapsed, the money spent and the part of the project taking place, it would be more realistic to say that this project will cost at least twice as much as it will end up in 2020.

Yozgat is fed up with the election lies in the chorus.

Some incompetents hid the last eight years of Yozgat in the back of the Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train Project. This project should be completed without delay and new investments for employment should be put into operation and Yozgat should be lifted.

Otherwise, even if they can finish on the date they promised, the average of ten thousand people migrate every year in Yozgat about 50 thousand people can not take the high speed train.

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