Feast Setting for Bursaray Expeditions

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's transportation company BURULAŞ extended the duration of BursaRay's voyage until 02.08 at night so that citizens can reach their homes easily after Bayram shopping.
BursaRay's voyage times were re-arranged on Thursday, August 16, Friday, August 17 and Saturday, August 18, in order to facilitate the transportation of the citizens who shop after the iftar hour during the Ramadan Feast. BursaRay will continue its voyages until 00.00 with a 20-minute voyage after 01.40:02.08. The last voyage in the direction of Şehreküstü - Arabayatağı will be held at XNUMX.
Carbed - Labor - 01.42
Şehreküstü - Labor - 01.52
Carbed - University - 01.38
Şehreküstü - University - 01.48
Emek - Carbed - 01.42
University - Carbed - 01.42
Şehreküstü - Carbed - 02.08.

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