Bomb attack on the railway!

📩 25/11/2018 13:37

2 wagon was derailed in an explosion in which no one was killed or injured, and an operation was launched to capture terrorists who had fled to the mountainous region.
The incident took place yesterday, on 30.08.2012, at 09.25 at the foot of the Amanos Mountains, in the district of Yarbaşı in Bahce District in the region where PKK members frequently protested. A major explosion occurred on the railroads 63276 kilometers before the freight train, which was under the management of Orhan Yıldırım and Volkan Alkan, who took coal from Iskenderun District of Hatay to Malatya, reached Yarbaşı station. The 3 empty wagons of the train, 10 of which were coal-loaded and the other 31 wagons, were overturned by derailment with the explosion. While a 2 meter deep pit was opened in the area where the explosion occurred, the Adana-Gaziantep-Kahramanmaraş railway was closed to train services.
After firing the bomb with a remote control, the gendarmerie went after the terrorists who allegedly fled the forest. On the railroad, a second bomb bomb was launched.

Source: VATAN

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