Nostalgic Tram on the Road to Karaman

ROTTERDAM - Tram project interview, Karaman Mayor Kamil Uğurlu, RET Technical Affairs General Manager Paul Lorist, Technical Manager Vincent Gabriels, Karaman City Council Member Murat Orhan, Konya Metropolitan Municipality Technical Expert Mechanical Engineer Lütfü Dülger, Rotterdam Metropolitan Municipality Council Member Zeki Baran, The Young Businessmen Federation of the Netherlands (HOGİAF) President Mehmet Kabakyer and the Promoter Mustafa Kurşun were present.
Paul Lorist, General Director of Technical Affairs at RET, briefly received information about RET. He said that they were very pleased to see a delegation of 4 from Karaman and how seriously they took the job.
Lorist, RET as a short time ago, some trams serving around Rotterdam and the surrounding areas, so it is necessary for the wagon used before the sale should be sold, he said.
Karaman Mayor Kamil Uğurlu underlined that they are trying to serve Karaman with modern urbanism. Uğurlu said, bir We are making an official 5 visit to the Netherlands in order to realize the nostalgic tramway project to Karaman. With a delegation of 4, we have had a very pleasant meeting with the Rotterdam Electric Tram Company (RET). The RET company officials told us that they changed the tram system in Rotterdam, so they could give the remaining 19 wagon to the appropriate prices after the renovation. We have reached a full agreement on this issue. Bu
Ler RET will inform us exactly the prices of the wagons. They will give the wagons per kilo, for the price of scrap. RET officials have said that the unit price was not yet determined but it would be a very reasonable price for us. They told us that the wagons would be able to assist in the transportation of these cars to Karaman and to build the facility in Karaman and that they were ready to help the team which will do this work in Karaman. We have agreed on all these issues. Bütün
Dışında But apart from all these issues, I had a concern. Only the transport of the tram and its placement in Karaman does not solve the issue. The issue of the establishment of a workshop / hangar, perhaps several times the amount to be spent for the wagons. Because I think that this system, which I intend to take as a nostalgic, as a city furniture, requires the employment of a crowded staff in Karaman, that there are some heavy machinery in this workshop, and that these wagons require regular maintenance on a daily basis; It transferred.
Therefore, I have to deal with this issue from the beginning, to negotiate (technically), to measure, to mow. I don't want to install a hump on the head of karaman. As the Rotterdam Electric Tram Company, Karaman, we have seen an unexpected interest when we see how serious we are in this issue, and have repeatedly said that the unit prices of the wagons (estimated 4500 - 5000 Euro) will be easier. RET said they could give the wagons immediately if the agreement was reached. R
Döş These nostalgic wagons, which we intend to bring to Karaman, are definitely not the old ones, they are not always the problem of maintenance and if the rails are installed according to these wagons, there is no problem. “
Karaman delegation will meet with Karaman people residing in the Netherlands within the framework of 5 daily programs.

Source: Karamaninternet

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