Accelerated train accident in Konya!

In Konya, the child went home from the internet café and went home with the motorcycle.
The accident occurred at the level crossing at 21.30 at the central Meram district, Loras District, Kabera Street. According to the information obtained, Murat Karabulut (13), who left the internet cafe to go home, collided with the accelerated train carrying passengers between Konya and Karaman, whose driver was not yet determined, while he was going through the level crossing. With the impact, the rider jumped about 10 meters from his motorcycle. It was claimed that the accelerated train driver did not realize the collision and continued on his way.

Source: Star Newspaper

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  1. Why do you mislead people with false news? Should you buy and publish it directly just because it wrote Star newspaper? In the title you said "High speed train accident". But the statement says that the diesel train set running on the konya-karaman line hit the engine at the level crossing. This way the news should not be made. The title should be corrected as "Konyada train accident" and the high-speed train picture should be removed from the headline. You cannot try to cool our people off the fast train this way. It is also built in Turkey as it is stripped of the high-speed train lines in the world level crossings. Please take the necessary care in this regard. Thank you

  2. Thank you for your attention. The accident was not carried out with YHT train sets, but with the diesel set in the accelerated Konya-Karaman line. We will post more detailed information.