TCDD made domestic signaling

📩 24/11/2018 20:39

State Railways, BİLGEM TÜBİTAK and Istanbul Technical University (ITU) has put its signature by throwing signaling system in cooperation with Turkey's first domestic application.
The "National Railway Signaling Project", which was completed by Turkish engineers and completed in a short period of 24 months, was commissioned at Adapazarı Mithatpaşa Station. The system, which cost 4,6 million liras, has been running smoothly for 6 months.
TCDD now plans to expand the local signaling project and chose the Afyon-Denizli-Isparta line section, which includes 338 stations with 21 kilometers. According to the information given by the railways, if this line was awarded to a foreign company, its approximate cost would reach 165 million lira. The same line with the domestic signaling system will cost 65 million pounds. In the event that 6 thousand 100 kilometers of railway lines without any signalization works are built with a local signaling system, 1,9 billion TL will remain in the safe of TCDD.
TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman said that with the project, there will be a break in the signaling systems where railways are completely dependent on foreign countries and that the country's millions of liras will be prevented from going abroad. Why is domestic signaling so important, according to Karaman? Because different foreign companies make all the lines of TCDD's signaling system. The subsequent integration of different signalizations produced by different companies of different countries is possible with high costs. A cost when making the line, a separate cost when integrating. When there is a malfunction, the cost of 1 lira can increase dozens. High prices of spare parts and materials are also available. The fact that the companies are abroad brings a great loss of time for a signalization maintenance. The domestic signaling project is designed for these goals. Karaman stated that they plan to export the project abroad.
Karaman emphasized the importance of the figure to be saved if the system was successfully expanded. Taking into consideration the amount of money spent on signaling, the idea of ​​domestic signaling was brought to the agenda by TCDD in 2005 with the contribution of funds. A team of 2006 people was established in 8. As a result of the team's work, the project was launched in 2009 by collaborating with TÜBİTAK and İTÜ.

Source: ZAMAN

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