Railway Safety Management System Taken on the Panel

Railway Safety Management System was Discussed in Panel: State Railways (TCDD) 3. The Regional Safety Management System (EYS) Directorate organized a panel on Emniyet Railway Safety through the Eyes of Employees, Safety Management System Perception and Expectations of NGOs Bölge. State Railways 3 in Alsancak. Representatives of non-governmental organizations, in which railroad workers are organized, expressed their views on the Safety Management System.
TCDD Central IMS Manager Erhan Gör directed the panel TCDD 3 Regional Director Murat Bakir, TCDD 3. Association of Alumni Association, Association of Railroad Engineers and Revisers, Association of Railway Construction and Operation Personnel Solidarity and Solidarity Association (YOLDER), Association of Railroad Trainers' Assistance and Solidarity Association, Railway Katarcılar Derneği and United Railway Association.
State Railways 160 that states that State Railways is an indispensable part of Turkish transportation system for 3 years. ”It is a necessity to turn safety awareness into a corporate culture for a better service,” said Regional Director Murat Bakır. Emphasizing that every employee should be a part of this culture and emphasized, Copper stated that the awareness that started with the Safety Management System will be protected by the ownership of everyone. Murat Bakır stated that they want to include the opinions and suggestions of the trade unions and non-governmental organizations established by the railway workers in order to make the Safety Management System a better point and they have prepared such a panel for this reason.
3 Association of Railway Construction and Operation Personnel. In his presentation, Şakir Kaya, Regional Coordinator, talked about the attitude of Yol staff to the IMS. Stating that he felt the presence of the SMS, Kaya said, em A unit with a system at the end of its name is unable to form its own system. EYS is not a unit that takes responsibility by intervening directly in safety related processes. E
In the broadest sense of the concept of security, it should be considered that YYS 3 should be evaluated within this framework. Şakir Kaya, the Regional Coordinator, expressed the following in his presentation:
Sorum For an effective SMS, the SMS should be the responsibility of the management and staff. The focus should be on developing safety culture and awareness of managers rather than safety culture and awareness trainings of employees. IMS is concerned with occupational health and safety. TCDD 3. We believe that the governance efforts and attitudes of the Regional SMS Department are positive, and that our criticisms will be welcomed. Bölge
Panelists working in the state railways, road personnel, train staff officials experienced problems in railways, the hazards, difficulties in working conditions, voiced. In the panel that discussed the solutions and expectations from the institution, suggestions were made to organize surveys among the employees, to increase the training and to increase the safety awareness of the employees.

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