Bursa Stamped in Urban Transportation Workshop

Bursa Left Its Mark on Urban Transportation Workshop: Investments realized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality marked the “Transportation Workshop”, which was held in Istanbul with the participation of the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Feridun Bilgin. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that the transportation infrastructure in Bursa has been made to meet the needs for many years with the latest investments.
President Altepe spoke at the local transport workshop organized by E'PR Local Government Agency. The workshop was held at the Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center, which is located within the campus of İstanbul Technical University (ITU). Feridun Bilgin, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Mayors of Samsun and Hatay Metropolitan Municipality, rectors of İTÜ, Yalova and Bahçeşehir universities, local administrators, academics and guests attended.
Mayor Recep Altepe, in his presentation at the workshop, the transportation infrastructure of Bursa in the sense of the lack of future, he said. Expressing that the most important solution for urban transportation problem is rail systems, President Altepe emphasized that the metro system should be installed in order to eliminate the problems. Altepe carried out intensive work on the rail system in Bursa, the city's subway network that records all around President President Altepe, the west of the city's west of the university Kestel, the last station on the Mudanya Road said they had transported. At the moment, the city center, a total of 40 kilometer metro line was made, along with additional investments to transfer the university line Görükle'ya President Altepe, lar All these investments and increase our number of flights have made our work. 60 wagon and 12 tram tender has been approved. 6 were carrying 110 thousand passengers a year ago, now we carry 350 thousand passengers. We can take it to the 4 level with our current capacity. Even if the population growth is very high, we can meet all demands. There is no problem with increasing the capacity, to meet the demands. For many years we have enough transportation facilities to Bursa. Daha
President Altepe, in his speech, the city is not only metro, but also tram lines are knitted, he said. President Altepe emphasized that they made the first tramway investment in Cumhuriyet Street and then they put into service the Davutkadı line. After Davutkadı, they said that they had put the ring line between Sculpture and Santral Garaj into service. President Altepe, m We are not satisfied with what we do. We continue to introduce new tram lines. We have completed the tender for the line from the city center to the terminal. Grasshopper, dictation and other regions' work are carried out one after the other. We have a tramway project between Mudanya and Güzelyalı. A separate system is installed for both Gemlik and Mudanya. Hem
The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Feridun Bilgin, said that the culture of using public transport in the community should be settled in order to solve the problem of urban transportation. Just last year in Turkey has 940 thousand new vehicle roadworthy, every day, indicating that traveled about 45 million people, the Minister of information, "Population growth and growth trends, 2023 In today will be the 3 times the total transport level emerged from academic research case. In Turkey, public transport awareness is insufficient. All of this shows how important public transport solutions are in the city. Tüm

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