Why can't bridge maintenance be repaired at night?

Highways, 2. he explained why the work on the bridge would last 3 months and could not work at night: 'This is not an asphalt work'.
The maintenance, which will continue for 3 months on the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, has become frustrating for Istanbulites. The number of vehicles crossing the bridge decreased with the studies. However, the transition time increased in reverse. The issue that Istanbul residents complain about the most is why the studies last 3 months…
Radikal newspaper asked the Chief Engineer Chief Engineer Beyhan Yaraman for questions such as this question and what steps were taken in the works and why the night could not be worked.
What is the purpose of the study?
The bridge is actually a steel structure. She has insulation material and asphalt. The main purpose is to protect the steel structure from corrosion and corrosion. The insulation material and asphalt on the steel structure will be dismantled, repaired and re-insulated. Asphalt renovation is not done.
Why does 3 last a month?
First, the 4 phase will be carried out in order not to affect the traffic too much. It will be closed gradually in each direction. First, the asphalt on the bridge is removed. The previous isolation is removed. Then after the treatment of rough sandblasting, fine sandblasting is done. Zinc plating is done when sandblasting is reached to a certain meter. Zinc plating has to be done in a very short time. When the insulation is completed, an adhesive layer is applied to the asphalt to adhere. Mastic asphalt is also made on. This is different from those used on asphalt roads. A material that is more flexible and suitable for steel. Low penetration.
Couldn't it be completed in a shorter time with more people?
We already work in the 2 lane. Narrow space. We use maximum people. No more than that. Work continues until morning. However, some studies cannot be done at night. Very fine workmanship is required. Precise manufacturing.
Why not work at night?
Night disassembly and rough sand blasting are being done. However, materials such as zinc, which provide isolation, cannot be made at night. It's raw because of the moisture at night. Zinc cannot be made in humid environment. The insulation consists of 3 stages. It is not possible to insulate due to night humidity.
When will the work end?
We're planning to finish until the schools open.
What other work is going on?
On the one hand, certain tests are done.
Do you have complaints?
Too much. Especially about time. We're trying to answer everyone.
When was the last time 2. working with the steel structure of the bridge?
In 2002.
What if the steel structure rusts?
We already have an 2 suspension bridge. Steels need to be well protected. Corrosion becomes the shell and gets up. There is a large loss of cross section. Section losses are repaired by welding. Corrosion progresses when there is a place. Measures need to be taken.
Did you see the corrosion when you opened the steel structure?
Yes, there were some places. Source made.
How does the Golden Horn Bridge work?
Same work as on Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge.
How much does it cost?
Total 10 million TL.
20-25 thousand vehicles decreased in traffic
A road safety specialist on the highways says, güvenli 2. The 120 was passing a thousand vehicles before working on the bridge. 15 in 140 in June was one-way 70. The day after his study began, this number fell to a thousand thousand. Every day traffic counts are made. But those who see relief are 2 again. came to the bridge. The number 88 is output to thousands. 2. 14 1. We knew you were going to the bridge. Nevertheless, the 20-25bin never used vehicle bridges. Ancak
Galata solution
On the other hand, the old Galata Bridge, which has been moved between Balat and Hasköy in order to ease the traffic that is concentrated due to the maintenance work on Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Golden Horn bridges, will be opened to traffic this market. City Lines, as of Monday KabataşKüçüksu and Beykoz will launch flights.

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