Bursaray Stations are Modernizing

bursaray bursa
bursaray bursa

In Bursaray, which stretches and renews itself according to the current conditions of technology, the face of the stations is changing. The works in the metro stations are appreciated by the citizens. Painting the stations and putting up pictures telling the history of Bursa attracts the attention of the citizens. A team was formed in March 2012 for painting and repair works within the framework of the renovation works of the stations according to the requirements of the age. While maintenance and repair became continuous with the team established, renovation works were also started. Painting processes have been completed at Paşaçiftliği – Sırameşeler – Kültürpark, İhsaniye, Merinos and Osmangazi stations.

Arabayatağı-Küçük Sanayi-Karaman-Nilüfer Stations, which have a high passenger density, started to have a more modern appearance with the extension of canopy and ceramic coating of the walls. He works in Arabayatağı and Karaman stations.

At Osmangazi station, there were also photographs of the train tracks that used to pass through Bursa. At the same time, the stair top closures at Arabayatağı - Küçük Sanayi - Karaman - Nilüfer - Şehreküstü and Demirtaş stations were completed and made protected from rain. Work on solving the water flow problem of Merinos Station has been completed. Citizens, on the other hand, found the works positive and said, “The metro stations will be more beautiful when painted. One is opening up. Metro is a place that should be given importance as transportation. We believe that this importance is given.”

Projects related to the creation of a new concept of Şehreküstü and Osmangazi Stations were prepared. In this context, the work of Osmangazi Station was completed.

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