Erdogan: Adana Fast Train Waiting

Erdogan: Adana is Waiting for the High Speed ​​Train. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the city where brotherhood is blended, bravery and bravery are symbolized. Adana, which has traces of Lokman Hekim, the master of doctors, Karacaoğlu and countless beautiful people, is at the center of our hearts as well. ”-“ We are building the longest railway tunnel of our country between Bahçe and Nurdağı. Thus, we unite Çukurova and Mesopotamia by rail ”-“ I hope we will offer services that have not been realized until today, especially the metro projects, to the service of our brothers in Adana, faster and more in the coming period.
Anatolian-Baghdad railway heritage, rail and in the absence of material, Erdogan stating that negligence is almost abandoned to decay, rail in sleeper also producing in Turkey, up to the limit the west of Adana said they renovate all of these ways.
Stating that they have restored the architectural works, stations and stations, each of which is more valuable than the other, on the roads, Erdogan said, “Now, we are making this double-track road with high speed train standard 4 lines. Adana, Yenice not only in the region are building one of Turkey's largest logistics centers. We are building the longest railway tunnel in our country between Bahçe and Nurdağı. Thus, we unite Çukurova and Mesopotamia by iron ”. - “Adana is waiting for the high-speed train” Expressing that they know that the people of Adana are expecting a different service, Erdoğan continued as follows: “Adana is waiting for the high-speed train.
As you know, we built the Ankara-Konya high-speed train line and put it into service. Now we have rolled up our sleeves to turn the Konya, Karaman, Ulukışla, Mersin, Adana line into a high-speed train line. Some of this line has been tendered, and the project of some is being prepared. I hope we will not leave this line in Adana. We will continue from here to Osmaniye, Gaziantep and Kahramanmaraş. Thus, we make Adana an important crossroads of the high-speed train network. In the 2011 elections, we said that we would build a ring road and rail network that would surround Seyhan and Yüreğir from the south. The infrastructure works of this project are continuing. After the projects and expropriations, it will be built, I hope 2015-2016, we will complete this work. We said that we would take over and complete the metro project, which became a bleeding wound of Adana. However, I said today, as the Metropolitan Municipality could not complete the implementation project and submit it to our Ministry, we have not made any progress on this issue yet. We are following this issue closely, and hopefully we will conclude it in the best possible way.

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