Public Transportation Investments in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality company Izmit Izmit, which will be purchased from Otokar, was signed with a ceremony.
According to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the protocol signing ceremony was held at the historic Gas Plant for the 100 bus, which İZULAŞ will purchase from Otokar.
Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, in his speech at the protocol signing ceremony, the objectives of the transportation, such as metro, suburban and tramway rail system investments, such as the emphasis on electricity and sea transportation more intense use, he said.
He said that they use a large part of the investment opportunities in this direction and that they aim to carry the people of Izmir comfortably, quickly and safely. Thus, he said that they could minimize the transportation subsidies, which became a big burden for all municipalities.
Kocaoglu, in the public transportation area by the 400 thousand thousand by bus a day XPSX ESHOT, IZMAS 860 bus 400 thousand passengers carried, the 200 bin in the subway, and the number of passengers in the day each day with the 180 thousand in İZBAN increasing the number of passengers, the number of passengers in İZBAN With the participation of new attractors and some arrangements to be made in conjunction with TCDD, 155 could go up to a thousand, while the line reached to Üçkuyular on the subway and they expect the number to reach 300 thousand.
Giving information about the completion of the tender for the 15 units of the new generation gulf ship and the contract phase, Kocaoglu said, ih Our ships will be engaged in parties starting from the day 550. Good luck to both our city and ship industry. Hem
The number of passengers per day in the Gulf 35 thousand indicating that the number of Kocaoglu, increase the number of piers and voyages, this number will be moved to a higher level said.
Kocaoglu, the transportation of people with disabilities, 8 years before taking office in the transportation fleet, only the 12 handicapped bus bus, while the fleet 70'ın percent of the bus that consists of the disabled buses,, ESHOT'a 150 bought a new bus. We're gonna get 300 more. By the end of the year until the end of the year will be taken to the bus 200. We buy buses that are new generation, low carbon emission, environment friendly, air-conditioned and disabled citizens. Our fleet will not stay in the old bus in a short time, Kısa he said.
Otokar General Manager Serdar Görgüç said, an We look forward to putting our long-lasting, low-cost vehicles in service as soon as possible, ise said Serdar Görgüç, who won numerous awards.
After the speeches, the Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu and Otokar General Manager Serdar Görgüç signed a contract for the purchase of 100 buses.
General Manager Görgüç also presented a model of the buses to be produced to President Kocaoğlu at the signing ceremony.
Otokar ”Kent Series“ buses with air-conditioners, digital district plaque, environmental engine and reverse gear camera are reported to be equipped with 12 meter lengths.

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