Ahmet Emin Yılmaz : The tram went out to tender in Bursa, change begins

The tender for the construction of the İpekböceği tram, which will change the appearance of Bursa, was announced as 25 June in the web site of KIK yesterday. 6.6 will be the 13 stall on the 8-kilometer Sculpture-Garage ring line and the XNUMX wagon will move continuously. Temporary tram garage will be built at Kulturpark Kültür
The official procedure is called the T1 Line Stadyum But in public it is known as the Statue-İnönü Street-Uluyol-Kent Square-Çarşamba Market-İpekiş-Stadium-Altıparmak-Çakırhamam-Heykel Ring Line.
Bursa's first tram line, although symbolic nostalgic tram in the name of the Republic Street was established, but with the description of the old, the sculpture-Garage Tram Line, no doubt that Bursa's transport transformation project will be.
In addition to Bursaray, which passes the city as the main body from one end to the other, a different dimension to public transportation with the rail system transportation in the city center. kazanwill yell.
Same time…
It will change the appearance of Bursa and bring a modern atmosphere to the city streets.
The first official step for the tram, which Recep Altepe announced as the biggest trump card in the nomination process, was taken yesterday.
The wagons are still called Silkworm. Durmazlar The T1 Line tram tender produced by the machine was published yesterday on the website of the Public Procurement Authority, where 25 will be held in June.
According to the announcement on the site, the auction will be held on June at 25 by the open tender method at Burulaş General Directorate.
Bidding kazanThe company will undertake the construction of the tram line.
By the way…
Along with the tender announcement, the characteristics of the first tramway ring line of Bursa also emerged.
The 6.6 predicts the tram-line for the mileage. On this line, single and bellows 24 wagons with length 30-8 meters will be in constant movement. The 2 wagon will also remain in reserve.
The system is planned as a 10 wagon.
The tram will pass through the right lane of the streets. Its passengers will also receive a large number of stops, which are still used as bus stops.
For this purpose, 13 stall was determined. Stops can be increased or decreased according to the need during use.
Getting to the tram from the stops, as in Bursaray, will be like the buses, not the turnstile system.
On the lower side of the Culture Park for the tram, there will be a prefabricated car park just above the car park between the Amusement Park and the area used by the Security.
The tram will enter here by Ipekis.
When the İpekiş-Kanalboyu line is built in the next part of the project, the main stop of the tram will be next to the nearby Peripheral Road, next to the wood warehouses.
25 In June, the tender will be held in the middle of July, the middle of the tram line is aimed to be thrown.

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