Intercity Railways

Çarşamba-Samsun Railway Closed

According to the information obtained: The railroad line, which was built between Çarşamba and Samsun for the purpose of transporting cargo to the Copper and Nitrogen plants, one of the two largest production facilities of Samsun, was completed in 1984. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Rehabilitation Started in Marmaray

HalkalıThe rehabilitation of the suburban lines started in the Marmaray Project, which is based on the construction of the Railway Strait Tube Crossing and the improvement of the suburban railway system in Istanbul extending from Gebze to Gebze. Within the scope of rehabilitation, 22 building, nationalized along the 46 kilometer line between Gebze-Pendik in the first place, 11 [more…]

06 Ankara

Ankara's Cayyolu subway operation resumes

Due to the construction work on the Çayyolu subway, a difficult day is waiting for the construction of the Ankara residents. The construction of the metro connecting Çukurambar and Söğütözü was started in Ankara and the street was closed to traffic for 4 months. Drivers coming from Konya Road to Çukurambar, [more…]


Tram in Konya, hit service

Campus-Central time, the tram, hit the service van in front of. While there was no loss of life in the incident, those who were trapped in the minibus poured sweat N 129 on the campus, 18.50 on the clock 42… at the Zafer Sanayi Binkonut Station [more…]


Turkey can become a logistical base

One of the leading names in transportation in the world is the Galata Transport organization, a subsidiary of the Italian Albini & Pitigliani company, 15. In "We always find a place to go" slogan with a logistics base in Turkey, especially moving towards third countries [more…]