30.000 m3 Ballast Procurement tender

Tender Responsible: Musa Ören Tender Manager Phone: 4249 Tender Manager Fax: 322 453 11 95 Announcement Date: 15.06.2012 00: 00: 00 Tender Date: 03.07.2012 00: 00: 00-10: 00: 300-2012: 71513 Subject: Commodity Register No: 67 / XNUMX Mail: musaorenXNUMX@hotmail.com Click for Specification Similar Railway News [more…]

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TCDD is being liquidated

'Established for public service TCDD is being liquidated': Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), submitted to the Council of Ministers of the draft law containing the opening to the private sector and Transportation Minister Binali Yildirim's "decision this year could originate and can be implemented next year" direction explanations [more…]


Where is the cable car to Giresun?

How many years in Giresun have been used in the cable car? I know 40 year. Bu For the cable car that has been mentioned for one or two years… Producer firm was not said en No it came, this is gone..It did not happen, Italy, Avurturya konuş Ayder'e tekerferik t .Boztepe cable car… Trabzon'ateleferik ize .Zigana'ya cable car ana .Rize'ye releferik… .. Who works t (Ordu Boztepe) Some construction tek Some projects in [more…]

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We couldn't find wagons for rail transport

Explaining that they want to make the railway transportation widespread, but they have trouble finding the wagon, ASO President Özdebir, Minister Yıldırım asked for support. Yildirim said, serbest The railways were ready to be released. The law comes out this year, we start practicing this year bu [more…]

Intercity Railways

Record transport on railway history

Improvements and investments in railways accelerated freight transport. The amount of transport by rail reached the record number of 25 million tons. Turkey's economy growth, is of great importance for the development of transportation. Within this framework, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications [more…]

16 Bursa

One by one with Taha Aydın

Behold on the night shot of the nightingale of the nightingale, they say that Necati Sahin, the President of IMO, will announce his views on Bursa's transportation master plan at a press conference. After the first sentence and the first short film, this is an academic about Bursa. [more…]

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ISBAK hosts Europe's ITS giants in Istanbul

ISBAK Inc., an affiliate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, hosted the leading companies of the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) sector in Istanbul. The project coordinators of the 8 company from the 21 country in the 'Instant Mobility Project Workshop' held at Taksim Metro Center [more…]

16 Bursa

Ta! I'm writing: These rails will hurt Bursa

I watched the film of the Sculpture-Garage-Altıparmak tramway produced by the animators of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. I love it! In short, the so-called sal T1 Line sür tram slips like oil, and the rails of the vehicles passing by a three-lane road parallel to the rails run very sparsely, waving to the tramlines! [more…]


Estram Expeditions

Estram has decided to intensify its tram services in the summer period due to the increasing demand of passengers. Estram Management, annually announced that this summer will not be implemented this year. According to the statement made by Estram Management, in public transport systems [more…]