07 Antalya

Olympos Fathers Day Special Tariff

”Olympos Teleferik olduğ, which is one of the most important alternative tourism centers of Antalya and the longest lift in Europe, did not forget the fathers in en Father's Day ef this year as in all special days. [more…]


Wednesday Is the victim of railway privatization?

The reason why the railroad line of the State Railways, which is located between Wednesday and Samsun, is no longer the passenger transportation, turned out to be the privatization of Copper and Nitrogen Factories. According to information obtained: Between Wednesday and Samsun in the construction of 1984 [more…]

01 Adana

TCDD's Water Tower Demolished

Atatürk Street, Mustafa Kemal Pasha Boulevard under the project to connect the underpass of the State Railways water tank was destroyed. Connecting Atatürk Street, which is run by the Metropolitan Municipality, to Mustafa Kemal Pasa Boulevard with an underpass [more…]

06 Ankara

YHT tickets 2 month discount!

The Marchandiz Bridge on Anadolu Boulevard will be demolished and rebuilt by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality on the grounds that it is not safe enough. For this reason, Ankara-Eskişehir and Ankara-Konya YHT flights, 15 June-15 August 2012 dates between Sincan-Eskişehir-Sincan [more…]


'Logistics center to be built in Kars'

Arslan insisted that some parts of the citizens wanted to be confused about the logistics center in Erzurum. “Logistics Center will definitely be held in Kars. Everyone can be sure of that. Even the Logistics Center from Azerbaijan [more…]