Without Trabzon, no rail

HISTORICAL The fact that the Trabzon connection of the railway project, which is of great importance at the point of the revival of the Silk Road, has not been implemented until today, has just started the ministry. Maritime Transport and Communications Ministry that serves as a bridge between Europe and Asia of the logistics sector in Turkey will establish a railway company for growth. Turkey Railway Taşımacığıl Inc. " Within the scope of the company to be established under the name of the company, especially the ports of Trabzon, Antalya and Tekirdağ were reported to be deprived of railway connection and the elimination of this deficiency.
Maritime Transport and Communications Ministry that serves as a bridge between Europe and Asia to set up a company for growth and development of the logistics industry in Turkey. Turkey Railway Taşımacığıl Inc. " In particular, Trabzon, Antalya and Tekirdağ ports are reported to be deprived of a railway connection and as a deficiency that must be remedied within the scope of the railway company to be established under the name of.
Ministry of Transport by the entire room to the disclosure of the subject in the note that it is important and revamped in order to be able to perform transport operations "Turkey railway Draft Law on Restructuring of Transportation" rush to the ministry of the views of the rooms until 21 May 2012 concerns the was asked to be transferred. Turkey-EU financial cooperation progeny carried out under the "Turkish Rail Sector for restructuring of the railway sector to be restructured within the scope of the twinning component of the project, it was stated that the draft law prepared. In the letter passed to the Chambers by the Deputy Undersecretary Habib Soluk, it was emphasized that a new general directorate was established under the name of Railway Regulation General Directorate and that the draft that the chambers did not respond to the sent draft was considered as 'positive'.
New draft law prepared by the presence in Turkey railway bridge between Europe and Asia, increasing the line is known as the more environmentally friendly transport system and envisions internationally competitive sector. Previously prepared by experts in the railways on the basis of commercial freight, passenger and combined transportation, freight, passenger and other combined services to make the complementary services to do, to do, loading, unloading and storage and other logistics services, to do, with pulling and towed vehicles tools such as procurement, maintenance and repair, and making it come to the fore.
8 thousand 722 kilometer main line is still conventional in Turkey, 872 kilometers there are 11 thousand 940 kilometer line with the components, including high-speed rail line. The current railway network does not pass through 81 of 37 provincial centers. Accordingly, approximately 20 percent of country-level freight transport is not carried by rail. In particular, the ports of Trabzon, Antalya and Tekirdağ are reported to be devoid of railway connectivity and must be remedied. In addition, one of the important weaknesses of TCDD is only 5 percent of the traffic it receives from its ports.

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