BM Makina General Manager Mehmet Bebek: BM MAKİNA in Gebze Güzeller OSB New Factory

BM Makina General Manager Mehmet Bebek: BM MAKİNA Gebze Güzeller OSB'de New Factory. .
What products and services do you offer to your customers?

We can divide our products into two groups; Products of the companies we represent and our own

The companies we represent:

Vahle; Insulated busbar, Closed box pvc busbar and Aluminum body busbar, 3000A capacity Open copper busbar, Motorized or spring-loaded cable collecting drums, Cable trolleys, Data transmission
systems (Powercom, SMG), Apos positioning systems SM There are strategic products for iron and steel industry, especially in Vahle products. I would like to tell you about two products. Our open copper busbars are capable of capacity up to 3000A. Beyond their robustness, they are capable of removing the load of iron-steel cranes with very high capacity. We have medium voltage applications in these busbars. Another product is the new CPS electrical transmission system. Transferring the ground of the transfer cars without breaking the ground, ie by placing the cable in the concrete floor, the current receiver without the contact over the ground 1.5cm transfers the energy from the ground cable to the drive motors. Since the cable is under the floor, it is not an obstacle and the area where the car is operating is open to other vehicle traffic.

Vahle has also recently developed a system for ports. The cranes in the ports, the RTG cranes are rubber tires and they work with diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is quite costly. The operating systems of these cranes are always the same as 90, ie they go back in a direction. Rarely, if there is an urgent need for repair or elsewhere, it passes to another line. Therefore, it can work with electricity during the same time. The Vahle is able to convert these diesel-fueled cranes to operate with both electric and diesel fuel. We do this in practice in two ports in Turkey, it revealed that both data 90 on savings achieved. So far we have implemented these applications in Mardaş and Gemport ports. We are at the contract stage with a port.

Liftket outside Vahl products available on our site ... electric chain hoist hanging fixed for each model, and monorail hanging upside down hooks are able to deliver directly from Turkey. 1999 years since all maintenance and spare parts business in Turkey as we set up our own constitution UN Machine with experienced maintenance team 7 / 24 we provide.

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