BM Machinery and German Kumbruch Power Union Road Signs Signed

BM Machinery and the German Kumbruch Power Union Road Signs: BM machine with the emphasis on the rail industry with the German company specialized in the lifting unit Kumbruch 17 signed the cooperation protocol on September. After the protocol signing ceremony, we talked with the General Manager of the two companies and talked about their future goals.

Kumbruch, one of the well-established companies in Germany, is mainly used in maintenance and manufacturing workshops of rail vehicles; specializes in manufacturing lifting, rotating machines. Lifting jacks are manufactured under high safety standards and under the regular control of TÜV.
The jacks are designed and produced according to customer requirements and requirements. Kumbruch jacks have become more important both in Turkey and abroad; It is among the products preferred by users.

First of all, we know that Kumbruch has an accumulation since 1962 bir So let's talk about the foundation and development of the company Öncelikle
Kumbruch Andreas Müller: Yes, in 1962 this company was founded by Horst Kumbruch. We took over the company at the beginning of the 1970.

Where was it set up?
Kumbruch Andreas Müller: It was founded in Hagen, Germany and our factory is still in Hagen. In the beginning, we made lifting units for buses in terms of manufacturing. We produced all the lifting products by going under the four wheels of the buses. Then we expanded the product range and focused on railways. One of our first and most important customers is Siemens. At that time, we worked hard and spent more time working on new products.

What has been added to the product groups?
Kumbruch Andreas Müller: Like every company, we are growing and we have progressed. Now we are the leading company in the companies that make the lifting units.

So, what do these units cover and what products?
Kumbruch Andreas Müller: Generally there are wagon lifting units; but there are varieties. In addition, we have products that are called positioners about the welding of parts made on railways. As far as the wagon is concerned, the lifting of individual wagons and even the complete lifting of the train series are involved. We lift the train as it is and make products that can put the gold under maintenance. We have products like Bogi or chassis turnover wagon transport.

For the first time, there were joint efforts with Siemens müşteri Which companies were added on a customer basis? Who are your customers?
Kumbruch Andreas Müller: We are now selling our products to railroads all over the world. We are working closely with the defense industry. Some of the companies we work with are companies like Alstom, Krauss Maffei (defense industry). We send goods to the whole world like Singapore, China, India. At this point, we aim to increase our sales to the Middle East and Arab countries with BM Makina.

Will the Middle East be sold via BM Makina? Why did you choose cooperation with Turkey? What is the strategy behind this?
Kumbruch Andreas Müller: The most important reason for us to choose BM Makina is that this company is reliable and capable. It is our reason to choose our products and to be in this region with the possibility of manufacturing. Processing of the Middle East market will be the responsibility of BM Makina. But our cooperation and solidarity will make our work easier and move us forward. We are already exporting goods to many countries through major companies such as Siemens. But our direct contact with the end user is not provided. At that point there is a contact. Therefore, in these regions, we will eliminate the communication gap with the BM Machine at the end-user point.

This collaboration just apply to Turkey?
UN Mehmet Baby Machine: Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, all Arab countries including South America and Africa even be able to enter it. That is to say, in many countries, work will be carried out under the responsibility of BM Makina. The important thing here is that we will do this with Kumbruch license. All information, drawings, accounts will come; we will also manufacture accordingly.

How does Kumbruch position itself in the world and the European market?
Kumbruch Andreas Müller: We are a leading company in the world. Being a leading company worldwide is due to our quality. We are a company with more production capacity than us. But because of our quality, many customers buy our products directly.

So, how much do you produce per year? Can you share your data on a numerical basis?
Kumbruch Andreas Müller: This is actually a difficult subject to say; because the products are very different lay If you make a product that removes the complete train, you may not be able to complete it in one month. Sometimes 10 teams sometimes do 15 teams per month. Depending on product type and lifting capacity.

As of September, this cooperation was signed. Is there any other company that you cooperate with, such as BM Makina? Or is BM Machine the first for Kumbruch?
Kumbruch Andreas Müller: BM Makina is the first company we have signed for this purpose. We have representatives all over the world, we have companies selling our products. But BM Makina is the first company we work with in this size.

How did BM Makina meet with Kumbruch?
BM Makina Mehmet Bebek: We have found them. We wanted to enter this sector. For us, the lifting units were appropriate. When we look at the quality of the companies in the market, there was information about the quality of Kumbruch from the railway. Then we found Kumbruch and started with the representation office. We sell a lot of product as a representative in Turkey.

What did Kumbruch see at BM Makina?
Kumbruch Andreas Müller: This is a job that needs service müşteri So the customer wants an emergency man to be sent when his train stays in the air. That was the first reason. Secondly here is also a manufacturing base for our customers and a relaxing element for us. Perhaps we can transfer some of the works to BM Makina from time to time if there is not much work in Germany. Because the project will be the same and the production will be parallel. Therefore, we expect a greater power to emerge from this cooperation.

What are your expectations about this union?
Kumbruch Andreas Müller: There is also competitiveness. We'll come now to a higher position in Turkey by manufacturing here. The high cost of production in Germany and the cost of transportation added to our competitiveness were decreasing. So here we are 50 years of experience in transferring know-how UN Makina same quality product, we will be more competitive by producing in Turkey. So we aim to sell more.

Can this cooperation continue with another company in the coming period?
Kumbruch Andreas Müller: Maybe in China, we have good contacts there. We have a partner there too, so we can think of a study. But other than that, especially in the Middle East and Asia, things are already going to work under BM Makina's responsibility. We don't have another search in these areas.

Signatures have been made ı Perhaps in the future there will be some changes in the factory here, Kumbruch will share the secrets with you. When will this process begin?
BM Makina Mehmet Bebek: This process will start with the first project. They will check the manufacturing process periodically at first. They'il lead us. Their suggestions and quality checks will be done. Even if there is no job, they will come and work with our project group four times a year. However, we hope that a project will take place in the near future.

Is a change or investment related to the factory in the 2015?

BM Makina Mehmet Bebek: Although there is not a big investment related to the factory, purchases like a few machines can be realized. Our field is already sufficient. We do not intend to build an additional additional building. However, we do not hesitate to add the missing machines to our course.

Kumbruch Andreas Müller: e It is our reason to choose our products and to be in this region with the possibility of manufacturing. Processing of the Middle East market will be the responsibility of BM Makina. We expect a greater power to emerge from this cooperation. Bu

BM Makina Mehmet Bebek: “Although there is not a big investment related to the factory, purchases like a few machines can be realized. Our field is already sufficient. However, we do not hesitate to add the missing machines to our track. Ancak

Source: ST Makine Magazine (OCT 2014)

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