34 Istanbul

Approval of Haydarpaşa Port from City Council

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council approved the second stage of the Haydarpasa Port project. The 1 / 5000 scale zoning plan, which aims to transform Haydarpaşa and Harem districts into commercial and touristic centers, has passed by the municipal council by majority of votes. In 2011 Protection Board [more…]

34 Istanbul

The feet of the Golden Horn Metro pass

Haliç Metro: One of the most important stages of the Istanbul metro is the construction of the Golden Horn Metro Transition Bridge. The feet on the 936 meter bridge began to appear on the Golden Horn. Pile of 51 parts brought to the Golden Horn by manufacturing in Portugal [more…]

34 Istanbul

Coast ring left TCDD objected

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council approved the 2 project, which will implement the Haydarpaşa Port Project. Of the Harem and Haydarpasa commercial and approval phase of the plan to transform into tourist attractions, Üsküdar Municipality and the Republic of Turkey [more…]


Railways open to private sector

A Railroad Regulation General Directorate will be established within the Ministry of Transport. The infrastructure service provider will be the Railways Administration. Infrastructure users will be both private and public. Percentage of passengers with the end of monopoly in aviation and the start of competition [more…]