Traffic and traffic accidents are the most important problems of our country. Southeastern terrorism with traffic terror is the biggest obstacle to the development of our country.

Many of us know the causes of traffic accidents. Unfortunately, although we know these reasons, we have problems in practice as a society. Even a few university graduates sometimes know the rules of traffic in practice although they are indifferent. As it is known, the education level of the individual is measured with a diploma and the level of education is measured by his / her behavior. You can observe this attitude of the person in the most beautiful red light, in the attitude towards the pedestrians, in the behavior that is respectful to the environment and nature.

Solution of the traffic problem; Besides the legal and educational dimension, most importantly it is possible to reorganize the country's traffic policy. In a country surrounded by the sea on three sides, it does not give importance to sea transportation; the policy that considers it as land transport cannot prevent traffic accidents. While we are trying to minimize road transport in the world transportation and transportation, we unfortunately try to further increase land transportation. While the countries in Central Europe have also benefited from the rivers in transportation, we have become even more backward than in previous years. In the past, a cruise ship would come to the Black Sea ports twice a week. Most of the passengers going to Samsun-Zonguldak and Istanbul would prefer the ship. I miss this wonderful white ship of my childhood, which is a tinnitus in my ears. Ro-ro flights from Trabzon to Samsun and at least the Batumi expedition should not be difficult.

The completed Black Sea, along with the duplex road, will be carried side-by-side to a great extent. The cost of this project was perhaps one-tenth the cost of a double road. This opportunity was unfortunately abducted. But there is still a solution if you are late. We can establish the connection between the Black Sea coast and the railway from the beginning to the other. Erzincan-Trabzon or Gumushane-Torul-Tirebolu-Trabzon Railway Project is not a project to solve the problem of land transportation and traffic. It is a fact that the best project to connect the Black Sea from one end to the other is the Samsun-Sarp Railway Project. The realization of this project will change the fate of Ordu and Giresun. This project is also in Trabzon's interest.

In order to realize the Samsun-Sarp Railway Project, first of all, it is obligatory for both provinces to cooperate. As the governorship, as the political authority, public institutions and organizations, as written and visual media, civil society organizations, the public as public opinion Giresun-Army solidarity as the effort shown for the airport must be revealed. This unity of power; the courage of those who try to confront them will undoubtedly break.

Traffic terror that we give more than the martyrs we give to the country defense; road transport will be minimized, not by physical improvements, but by a reduction in the rate of land transport. The need to stop this terrorism should not only be brought to the agenda during the Traffic Week, it should always be kept fresh, as is done by Ordu Olay Newspaper.

Source: Army Event

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 17:42

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