BM Machine is Assertive in the Railway Sector

BM Machinery Ambitious in the Railway Sector: BM Makina, which serves in the crane market, has focused on the railway sector in addition to the solutions it offers to the iron and steel market. General Manager of the company, which helps the company in Wagon lifting jacks Mehmet Baby in Turkey pointed out that increased investment in this area.
Heavy industry in Turkey, only those who strive to uplift themselves with cables produced by the UN gathering drum machine; wagon lifting jacks produced by the machinery industry. Mehmet Bebek walking confidently on his way; continues to steer the market with innovative and high quality products.
Mehmet Bebek who came to Istanbul in 1985 and founded BM Makina with his experiences in 1999; Gebze Güzeller left the first year in its new factories located in OSB. Baby in the product range, as well as their own manufactured products that they say that the Baby; 2014'da target announced.
Iyor Vahle can convert these diesel-fueled cranes to operate with both electric and diesel fuel. We do this in practice in four ports in Turkey. The data of all four showed a saving of over 80. D
Can we recognize BM Makina?
BM Makina works with important companies in the sector. If you do not provide high quality service with these products, you will not be able to catch up with working conditions. As BM Makina, we still continue to work with all these companies as we attach importance to quality.
What are your brands?
Vahle; insulated busbar, closed box PVC busbar and aluminum body busbar, 3000A capacity outdoor busbar, motorized or spring loaded cable collection drums, cable trolleys, data transmission systems (Powercom, SMG), APOS positioning systems b Strategic products for iron and steel industry especially available. I can tell you about these two products. Busbars with capacity up to 3000A are important for iron steel. Beyond their robustness, they are capable of removing the load of iron-steel cranes with very high capacity. We have medium voltage applications in these busbars. Another product is the new CPS electrical transmission system. By transferring the ground of the transfer trolleys, ie by placing the cable into the concrete floor, the current receiver without the contact over the ground 1.5 cm transfers the energy from the underfloor cable to the drive motors. Since the cable is under the floor, it does not constitute an obstacle and the area where the car is running is open to other vehicle traffic.
Vahle has also recently developed a system for ports. The container crane in the ports (called the RTG) is a tire wheel and works with diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is very costly for companies. The operating systems of these cranes are always the same. So he goes in one direction, he comes back. Rarely it goes to another line for repair or if there is an urgent need elsewhere. Therefore, it can work electrically during the time it works on the same line. The Vahle is able to convert these diesel-fueled cranes to operate with both electric and diesel fuel. We do this in practice in four ports in Turkey. Both data showed a savings of over 80. So far, we have implemented these practices in Mardaş, Gemport, Kumport and Borusan Logistics Ports.
Do you work with another brand outside of Vahle?
Liftket products are also available. Electric chain hoist hanging fixed for each model, and the reverse hook hanging monorail as able to deliver directly from Turkey. Since 1999, we have been performing 7 / 24 maintenance and spare parts with our experienced maintenance team.
Which products are produced in your factory?
BKB profile lightweight crane systems are produced. Since this system can be moved very easily with manpower, it is used as a carriage construction of cranes in assembly lines and other industries on automobile industry. Our KATO cable harnesses are used as motor-driven single-winding and as a wide winding for the power supply to the crane-mounted grab or magnet holders. In addition, the portal cranes are used in many places such as transfer cars or coal stock areas.
Can you tell us about your work with the German Vahle company?
Vahle of companies since 1999 on Bar are working as the representative of Turkey. For three years, BM Machine has been the representative of Vahle in Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Azerbaijan. Together with the revelation, we perform the conversion of RTGs from diesel to electric. UN receives from the machine in the steel fabrication works, he Vahl do we harbor these things all over the world except in Turkey. He is a partner of BM Makina Vahle for steel manufacturing of ports.
Where is BM Makina's main target market? Do you export?
Our main market is Turkey. However, we have direct or indirect sales to Arab countries from time to time. We have products to the Balkans. More precisely, the crane manufacturers take the bar and cable drums from us. We manufacture these products in our factory. For this reason, when the companies mentioned are exported, our products are exported. However, our main market is Turkey, except her.
What are the features of the products you offer to the railway sector?
These features are also for our industry. Lifting jacks are required for lifting wagons. For the repair and maintenance of the wagons, a certain height should be lifted and the people should be able to work comfortably.
2014 is talking about the crisis. What is your perspective on this situation?
As a result of the crisis we went to diversify in terms of customer and service offered. Of course, if a crisis comes, we can't stay out of it. Actually, we're feeling a little bit right now.
What's among your 2014 goals?
We're already in the railroad sector. We have been interested in this sector since 2006. We have even made our third participation together with our subsidiary this year. We entered this market with imported products; However, we have added our products to our product range for the last two years. Now we need to expand our market share. In 2014 we will be working in this direction. In the coming years it will be the largest investment in Turkey again. Railways sector is progressing day and day.
We entered this market with imported products; However, we have added our products to our product range for the last two years. Now we need to expand our market share. We will be working in this direction in 2014. X
Born in 1958 in Ordu. After primary school, he continued his education in Hamburg, Germany. He studied mechanical engineering at the University of Hamburg. In the 1985 definitive return to Turkey and started his business life. In 1999 he founded his own company. Mehmet Bebek, as the General Manager of BM Makina hL ÇLIŞM hYtin DEVm.

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