34 Istanbul

Young girl hit the tram

Fatih University 19 year-old student girl, was injured as a result of the tram hit. Sultan Aslı Nur (19), a student of Istanbul Medical School, was trying to cross the tramway near the Çapa tram stop, in the direction of Sirkeci. [more…]

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It wasn't lived since the railway (VIDEO)

11532 from the center of Sivas to the direction of the Van Lake Express 15 expedition in front of the XNUMX'inci kilometer Taşlıdere locality fell off a large piece of rock. Mechanic notices the rock on the rails and stops the train without hitting it [more…]

35 Izmir


Izmir's rail public transport system, IZBAN, made a breakdown at the Demirköprü stop during the 08.30 ranks in the morning with hundreds of passengers. Hundreds of citizens who set out in the morning to go to work became victims of İZBAN. for hours on end [more…]

34 Istanbul

Visitors to Marmaray

Marmaray, shown as the project of the century, was flooded with visitors before it was put into practice. In particular, approximately 15 thousand people, including scientists and academics, made observations in the area where the historical project was realized. Marmaray authorities, [more…]