Catastrophic Train Crash in Argentina

📩 26/04/2019 22:05

Hundreds of people were injured when a passenger train in Argentina hit the barrier at the end of the platform at Buenos Aires' busy Once station.

The accident occurred in the morning 08.00 waters in Once, the busiest workplace.

Many ambulances and helicopters have been shipped to the region for rescue work, but no exact information has been reached on the number of deaths.

The trainee was taken to the hospital after a half-hour rescue operation.

A passenger named Fabian described his horror in the radio program he attended:

“As it was morning, the train was full of jams, as soon as I got to the station, I took off for about 15 meters when the collision occurred. A lot of people fell on me, we were stuck, we couldn't get out. "

Buenos Aires Emergency Health Services Director Alberto Crescenti told Radio la Red that more than 300 people were injured in the accident, and hundreds were trapped in the train involved in the accident. It was stated that the suburban train traveled very fast and therefore hit the barrier at the end of the platform at the station, and the locomotive of the train and its first wagon were crushed during the crash.

11 people died and 200 people were injured in the train accident that occurred in the Flores district of Buenos Aires last September.

Source: Real Agenda


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