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Mega Transportation Projects for 2020 of Istanbul, a candidate for the 2020 Olympics

MARMARAY: With the project, which will be put into service at the end of 2013, the two sides of the Bosphorus will be connected to each other. It will make a significant contribution to the solution of Istanbul's traffic problem with the metro connections of the lines where the suburban lines will also work. With the project, daily transportation of 1.5 million people between the two sides will be provided in Istanbul. TUBE PASSAGE WITH TIRE WHEEL: The foundation of the project, which is expected to be put into service in 2015, has been laid. every part of Istanbul [more…]

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966 Saudi Arabia

The Turkish company is building a high-speed train between Mecca and Medina!

A Turkish company is building the Medina station of the high-speed train project, which will travel between Mecca and Medina in 2,5 hours. Yapı Merkezi, which started the 415 million dollar project in November last year, plans to complete the Medina station in 2 years. Salih Mutlu Şen, Consul General in Jeddah, visited and examined the works on site, Project Manager Mehmet Başer, Project Director Şinasi Ayas, [more…]


High-speed train from Bozdag to Yozgat

Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag said, “60 percent of the ongoing high-speed train construction in Yozgat has been completed.” Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ stated that 60 percent of the ongoing high-speed train construction in Yozgat has been completed and said, "These steps will greatly contribute to Yozgat's economy, tourism and its connection to the world." Esenler on the occasion of the 5th Arabaşı Feast of the Yozgat People's Solidarity Association in Bozdağ, Esenler [more…]

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Was it the light rail or the subway? For years, someone in Adana squirmed, "This is not a subway, it's a light rail system". The goal is to downsize a great service, to lower its value. Some of the deputies also did serious work in Ankara in order to drag the metro construction to the tracks of drag. Fortunately, our conscientious and virtuous MP, Mr. Abdullah Torun, said, "We were the reason for the delay". [more…]


Passenger train derailed in Osmaniye

In the Bahçe district of Osmaniye, the locomotive and a wagon of the passenger train that makes the Elazig-Adana expedition derailed. Machinists Osman S. and Mehmet K., the locomotive and a wagon of the passenger train number 61630 derailed as it entered Taşoluk station. After the accident, passengers were transferred to another train. Due to the accident, the Elazig-Adana railway was closed to transportation. TCDD 6th Regional Directorate for the opening of the railway to transportation [more…]

Metro in Saudi Arabia
966 Saudi Arabia

Railway to be built between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

It is reported that the construction of the railway, which will cost 4.5 billion dollars, will begin in 2014. It is also planned to connect this network to Europe via Turkey. It was reported that the construction of the railway between the two Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, which will cost 4.5 billion dollars, will begin in 2014. According to the news of the newspaper El İktisadiye, published in Saudi Arabia, Remzi El Asar, adviser to the secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council, announced the Saudi-Bahrain railway project in Bahrain [more…]

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Bursa Nostalgic Tram Passengers Want to Stop

The nostalgic tram, which was brought to life after the Metropolitan Municipality closed Cumhuriyet Street to vehicle traffic, attracts attention from people of all ages. However, those who wait for the tram, which moves every 20 minutes during the day in rainy and snowy weather, want a shelter. Although there are suitable areas at the starting point next to Zafer Plaza, the absence of a stop makes it difficult for those waiting. Brass Inn [more…]

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Sad sad looking for wagons

Happy Sunday.. There are important developments in the high-speed train issue of Bursa, which has intensified in recent days. Your newspaper Bursa domination frequently announces this issue to its readers. The train issue has actually come to the fore from time to time since I started my career, it has stopped. My late colleague Kadri Çatmakaş used to make the news that a train would come immediately when he was short of news, and he would save the headline of the day. In the following years, CHP Deputy Kemal Kemal [more…]


Barış Balcılar: Double Deck Trains Sets

Siemens Desiro_Double-Deck_EMU Double deck train arrays (double deck EMU) used between suburbs and nearby cities, especially in Germany, Italy and Switzerland, are interesting because of their high passenger capacity and their kinematic features. This type of vehicle is described as “The bilevel car” in North America and “double-decker train” in English. Its use was also considered as an alternative in the Marmaray project, which was under construction for a period. [more…]