01 Adana


Was it a light rail or subway? "This is not a subway, it is a light rail system," he writhed. The goal is to reduce the value, shrink a great service. Some of the deputies, the construction of the subway rail to pull the rails [more…]

34 Istanbul


A feasibility study was initiated to pass the Metrobus through FSM. Mayor Topbaş said ız Metrobüs line will start from İkitelli and we will see how long it will be. Başkan Zincirlikuyu-Avcılar, and then the Söğütlüçeşme-Zincirlikuyu line of the 800 thousand passengers per day carrying the Metrobüs'in Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge [more…]


Passenger train derailed in Osmaniye

A car was derailed by the locomotive of the passenger train carrying out a flight to Elazığ-Adana in Osmaniye's Bahçe district. Machinists Osman Ş. and Mehmet K. was the locomotive of the passenger train 61630 and a wagon was derailed when entering the Taşoluk station. [more…]

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966 Saudi Arabia

Railway between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

4.5 reported that the construction of the railway that will cost $ 1 billion will start at 2014. This network is also connected to Europe via Turkey is being considered. Two Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, which will cost 4.5 billion dollars will start construction of 2014 railway reported. Saudi [more…]

16 Bursa

Sad sad looking for wagons

Happy markets .. There are important developments in the fast train issue of Bursa, which has been concentrated in recent days. Bursa newspaper of your newspaper often announces this issue to its readers. The matter of the train came up from time to time, in fact, from the time I started my career. My late colleague [more…]


Today in History: 19 February 1847 Vienna Deputy Sadik Rifat Pasha stated that the railways to be delivered to the Babıâli in order to develop the agriculture and to reach the markets.

19 February 1847 The ambassador to Vienna Sadık Rifat Pasha informed the Babıâli that railways should be built for the development of agriculture and the delivery of the product to the markets. Similar Railway News and Other News You may be Interested in: Today in History: 19 February 1847 [more…]